“Zorro” Reboot Goes Post Apocalyptic


There’s life in the Zorro remake yet, if the new producers have anything to say about it.

Post. Apocalyptic. Zorro. Three words you’d never think to out together, but when combined make perfect sense. More than sense, it sounds spectacular – a truly new take on a classic story.

The masked vigilante has been floating around Hollywood for the last few years. After Antonio Banderas‘ two film stint, studios have been struggling to take the property in a new direction. But that’s all changed now with the latest news.

According to Empire, Zorro has changed hands from 20th Century Fox to Lantica Media and Sobini films, who have a whole new take in mind. Post. Apocalyptic. Zorro!

The new direction will most likely stick with the basic premise of a mysterious avenger helping those in need and taking down the corrupt. It’s also no clear who’ll be playing said avenger. Gael Garcia Bernal was originally attached to star when the project was at Fox. However, there’s no word of his involvement after the move.

It’s also not clear how post apocalyptic they’re thinking. Is this Mad Max style insanity, or a more Matrix-y scorched bleakness? This will no doubt depend on the drama/sci-fi balance, and whether or not there’ll be as much comedy as we got with Banderas’ Zorro.

In any case, Mark Amin of Sobini is optimistic. Shooting has been scheduled for March next year at the Dominican Republic branch of Pinewood. Is this realistic, with no director or leading actor in sight? They seem to think so. Hopefully a director will see the diamond in the rough and jump on this. How could you not? Post. Apocalyptic. Zorro.

We’ll hopefully have more on this as the details solidify. Keep an eye out on this space for the latest movie news.

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