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Zootopia Trailer #2 – Things get savage


The latest Zootopia trailer gives us a better look at Disney’s upright animal Kingdom where civilised animals have started going savage.

It hasn’t been a very happy month for Pixar. With the poor reception to their latest animated venture The Good Dinosaur, the studio it’s first flop in a long time. But all is not lost in the world of animation. Disney is still on a winning streak, and doesn’t seem to be showing down with its latest round of promos. Not at all meaning to kick Pixar when they’re down, Disney has come out with a brand new trailer for their latest movie, Zootopia.

The news from Slashfilm is a festive celebration of Zoo Year’s Eve (cute right?) with the latest Zootopia trailer. The first Zootopia trailer gave us a sneak peak at the inner workings of the sloth-run DMV. The latest trailer branches out and gives a broader sense of the Zoo-niverse (that was mine).

We get a few new snippets of voice talent in Zootopia: Shakira as the melodic Gazelle, Tommy Chong as Yax the Yak and Idris Elba as Chief Bogota. We also get a sneak peak at one of the purpose-made songs from Shakira, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

As well as expanding on the sprawling metropolis, this Zootopia trailer also gives us a peak into the emotional story underlying the film. So far we’ve only seen Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin‘s trying to get the best of each other. However, we now see them bonding as they team up to solve the mystery of civilian animals going savage.

There’s little doubt that this won’t be the last Zootopia trailer we see before March. But can it succeed where The Good Dinosaur failed?

Zootopia is due for realease on March 4th, 2016. Watch this space for all the latest Zootopia movie news.

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