Yoga Hosers Trailer

‘Yoga Hosers’ Trailer: New Kevin Smith Comedy-Horror


The latest in the True North trilogy, Yoga Hosers features Harley Quinn Smith, Lily-Rose Depp battling some mean Nazi Bratwurst. Read more after the jump.

It was a while back that we first heard that Kevin Smith was going to be bringing out a trilogy of films based in Canada. The True North trilogy began in 2014 with Tusk, a manic horror comedy about Justin Long being tortured and transformed into a walrus. In a word, the film was divisive. Despite leaving a lot people puzzled as to whether it was good or bad, Tusk successfully raised a lot of intrigue over what could possibly follow in it’s follow-up, Yoga Hosers. Well today we got our first real look with the release of the official trailer.

As a quick reminder and for those who didn’t see it, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp (daughters of Kevin and Johnny respectively) had a brief cameo in Tusk as sarcastic convenience store clerks. Yoga Hosers in turn focuses entirely on these two girls, both of whom are named Colleen. But they’re not the only actors returning for the second in the trilogy. The trailer includes Johnny Depp as Quebecian man-hunter Guy LaPointe, and Justin Long is back in a different role as a yoga instructor. Clearly these films are all going to be sharing stars and characters, so it’ll be a treat to see who else turns up from the first film.

One of the main reasons that Tusk failed so spectacularly with the critics and at the Box Office was its bizarre twist of at-times-unwatchable horror and matter-of-fact comedy. It looks like Smith is happily leaning into this blend with Yoga Hosers, which sees the two leads facing off against an army of Bratzis – Nazi Bratwursts played by Kevin Smith – in their attempt to reach a senior party.  We were big fans of Tusk here so we’re more than happy to see Smith not shying away from what made his first film so unique.

Despite them both being in the same trilogy and clearly having the same style, it’s funny to see how different the trailers for Tusk and Yoga Hosers are. While the Tusk trailer was focused on the horror and suspense side of things with some mini-gags thrown in, the Yoga Hosers trailer is all about the comedy. With a bouncy backing track and a decent serving of action scenes, they’re clearly trying to get out of front of potential critics by showcasing the ridiculousness. Hopefully it pays off for Smith this time around.

Yoga Hosers is currently set for a July 29, 2016 release. Watch this space for all the latest Yoga Hosers movie news.

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