wreck it ralph sequel in 2018

‘Wreck It Ralph 2’ Scheduled for 2018 Release


Rich Moore and Phil Johnston will team up again for the sequel to video game mashup movie Wreck It Ralph. Read more after the jump.

Disney has been very busy recently with live action updates of their classic movies. The Jungle Book had a lot of success recently, and the trailer for the upcoming Pete’s Dragon got a lot of positive buzz. But a lot of fans are hoping that the animation giant doesn’t forget about their more recent animated successes. Zootopia is the latest in a long line of this decades Disney winners including Frozen and Wreck It Ralph. Fortunately, news broke today that Disney is still tending to it’s ongoing animated franchises and a sequel to Wreck It Ralph is just around the corner.

The news from Slashfilm is that Disney Animation Studios made a breaking news announcement on Facebook. The news? Wreck It Ralph 2 is happening and it’s heading our way. The sequel to the wildly successful animation will hit theaters in 2018, and most likely wreck them.

Wreck It Ralph starred John C Reilly as a down on his luck video game villain who escapes his game and tries to become a hero.

As a result, he gets tied to a rambunctious glitch and the mysterious game character trying to take her down. I don’t want to ruin it in case you haven’t seen it, because it’s pretty awesome and you should. John C Reilly was nice enough to make an appearance on the broadcast and confirm the news. We can assume therefore that Reilly is still going to be involved in the upcoming project. It’s not clear whether or not Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer or the other voice actors from the original movie will appear in the sequel. Hopefully they will.

Filmmaker Rich Moore made the announcement. Moore directed the original Wreck It Ralph and also co-directed Zootopia. He’ll also be directing the sequel alongside Phil Johnston, who worked on both films as well as a writer.  The pair have had a lot of success making Disney moves awesome recently. Hopefully they can hit it out of the park again with Wreck It Ralph 2 and keep the fans happy.

What about plot details, you ask? There aren’t any at the moment. But it’s still early days yet. We’re sure to be getting some more juicy gossip as we head into 2017.

Wreck It Ralph 2 will be smashing theaters March 8th, 2018. Watch this space for all the latest Wreck It Ralph 2 movie news.

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