Wait, What? Andy Serkis does the voice-over in “Force Awakens” Teaser


“Apes…together….force push!”

Two big debates were guaranteed to come out of the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer: who did the creepy voice-over about darkness and awakenings, and why is R2-D2 a Dyson roller-ball?

Well, at least we can put the first debate to bed. There’s been gigabytes of speculation throwing out names like Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, who’s confirmed to have a role in the film, and Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s rumoured to be attached to every film ever.

But it turns out that the answer to the riddle in the dark is Gollum himself. Hitflix has officially confirmed that the ominous tone poem was the work of Andy Serkis. He was confirmed as a main cast member for J.J. Abram’s Star Wars sequel earlier this year and even though he wasn’t seen in the trailer, he definitely made one of the biggest impacts.

The Force Awakens isn’t the only precious action/sci-fi property Serkis is attached to. The motion capture mogul is also starring in Avengers: Age of Ultron, scheduled to be released May 1st 2015. His role hasn’t been confirmed, but hopefully he’ll be making just as much of an impression as he did in the Star Wars teaser. Now we can start the new online debate of what role Serkis will have in the galaxy far, far away. I’ve already made a Planet of the Apes and Lord of the Rings reference, and since I can’t think of a clever King Kong one I shall leave it there.

What did you think of the voice-over?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be unleashed on December 1st 2015.


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