Try and Get Your Head Around New Short “The Grey Matter”


If you don’t mind my saying, your Christmas preparation is missing some much-needed mind-boggling horror. Enter Peter and Luke McCoubrey, known in some circles as the McCoubrey Brothers, who have released their first short film The Grey Matter online. Moving away from their music video and TV commercial resume, the brothers have concocted a dark satirical horror with a hint of whimsy…because hey, it’s Christmas. The film follows a complacent office worker played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach of Girls fame, who is forced into the company of a grim, sentient worm that has taken up residence in his head wound, the result of an unexplained accident. Or was it an accident? I don’t know, but the worm helps him through a bizarre relationship with a woman he works with.

The short has been doing the festivsal rounds, including Film Shortage, Nitehawk Shorts, The Sidewalk, The San Antonio and The Brooklyn Film Festival. So have a look at the short in full, courtesy of Slashfilm:

Not too shabby right? A lot of shorts can give away pretty much all they can offer with a still, but you really have to watch The Grey Matter through to fully appreciate it. There’s almost a Terry Gilliam balance between the uncomfortable, grim aesthetic and the delirious light-heartedness – which makes sense since Luke McCoubrey has worked with Gilliam in the past. A lot of attention has also been given to the score behind the short, which really gives it a lot of meat to get your teeth into. Could it be that this is the starter’s pistol that sets these guys running head-first into features? Wait, does that metaphor work? Yeah, no it’s fine. Keep an eye out for more from the McCoubrey Brothers, and check out the website for this short.

Are you digging The Grey Matter?

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