New Trailer for “Victor Frankenstein”


With the League of Extraordinary Gentleman reboot swiftly becoming a fully fledged reality, people might be looking for other Victorian literary adaptations to cut their teeth on.

Frankenstein is a name that immediately comes to mind. With the newest incarnation Victor Frankenstein being released this Thanksgiving we’ve been served up a trailer as an aperitif. Forks at the ready.

Victor Frankenstein stars Will McAvoy as the titular man of spectacular science and questionable ethics. We also have¬†Daniel Radcliffe as an entirely different Igor than we’re used to – ¬†excellent posture and a lack of speech impediments. Instead of suffering Frankenstein’s abuse, he’s left dealing with the backlash of the Doctor’s ego-maniacal charm.

As you can probably guess from the name, this version of Mary Shelley’s story will focus more on Dr Frankenstein himself, chronicling the experiments that lead to the creation of his eponymous monster, and his dealings with the police who are already hot on his tail. Most screen adaptations of Frankenstein have given more of an arc to the monster and how he grows to comprehend his very existence, but this version seems to stick with a straight angry monster motif.

Honestly, the trailer seems a little hit and miss. The subject matter, despite being done to death and parodied to within an inch of its life, still has a sense of horrific gravitas to it. Victor Frankenstein seems to be trading that in for a quip filled adventure, stocked to the gills with chase scenes and effects. Think Van Helsing meets Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes.

Will it work, with such a formidable canon behind it? Maybe, we’ll just have to see. The proof is in the monster.

Andrew Scott of Sherlock fame also stars as the pursing policeman, with Paul McGuigan directing and a screenplay by Max Landis.
Are you scared, or just worried by the news?

Also, check out the intro with McAvoy’s Xavier-ised dome!

Keep watching this space for the latest movie news.

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