Tony Goldwyn Goes Corporate For “The Belko Experiment”


When we talked about James Gunn‘s The Belko Experiment yesterday, we mentioned that when we know any more casting news, you’ll know. Well, we know.

Deadline is reporting that Tony Goldwyn of Scandal fame will be joining the horror thriller. This comes right after the news that John Gallagher Jr from The Newsroom will be starring as an employee of the Belko Company. Goldwyn himself will be playing the company’s COO, who presumably plays a role in sealing the employees in the building and informing them that they will kill each other or be killed. Goldwyn is a stellar choice, as something about him exudes morally ambiguous and he’ll comfortably fit into the role of brutally uncompromising COO… Unless he doesn’t star the experiment, in which case forget everything I just said.

A table read has already been carried out which means the cast has most likely already been confirmed.

Gunn has promised that more news will be coming tomorrow, so we’ll most likely be learning more about the employees of Belko. Maybe Ed Harris as a curmudgeonly HR manager? No you’re right, probably not.

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