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“Dark” Thor: Ragnorak Includes Hulk and Valkyrie?


Thor: Ragnorak looks like it could make leaps ahead of its predecessors, possibly with the help of a new Asgardian and a familiar green face.

There’s been a lot of uncertainty around Thor: Ragnorak of late. And by “of late”, I basically mean since it was announced. The franchise has been one of the more light hearted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some might say too light hearted. Thor 2 was also a little weak around the knees, making the slightest of impacts with Marvel fans. Then we got word that Taika Waititi was being brought on to direct Ragnorak. Taika Waititi? The director behind Eagle vs Shark and What we do in the Shadows? Is Marvel planning another bright and breezy Thor film? Turns out yes and no. But that’s the least of the news from the Thor camp.

Let’s start with Waititi’s involvement. According to Screen Rant, the news is that the script for Ragnorak is dark. Too dark you might say. That might set some Marvel fans’ hearts a flutter, but it’s not as appealing to the big Marvel cheeses. So Waititi has been enlisted to pep up Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle‘s script.

So what else is going on? Well a lot of rumours were floating around about Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk, and how the avenger will play a part in Phase 3 pre-Infinity War. There are already suspicions that he’ll have a role in Captain America: Civil War, but now BMD has sources saying Hulk will be a big part of Ragnorak. Apparently, Hulk and Thor will team up in what’s being called a “cosmic adventure”. The interactions the two characters have had in the Avengers films have always been hugely entertaining, so it would be intriguing to see the peaks and troughs of a feature length team-up.

Hulk won’t be the only potential guest star in Ragnorak. Reports are also coming in that the next Asgardian instalment will also introduce valkyries, and potentially Brunnhilde The Valkyrie herself.

In case you’re not familiar with the valkyries, their job is basically to pick bad-ass warriors to bring to Valhalla.

If Valkyrie does play a part in Ragnorak (which would make sense given the name of the film), it could open up a lot of new doors for the Marvel Universe. Not only does it introduce a possible new ally for the Avengers, but she could also solve the riddle of how to continue the Asgardian instalments after Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor contract finishes up after Infinity War.

Valkyrie has been on the minds of Marvel for a while now, since she was considered for Thor 2. Concept art was commissioned but eventually scrapped come casting time. Would Thor 2 have been a different film were she involved? Probably not. In fact, the character will most likely have a better chance as part of Ragnorak than she ever would have in Thor 2. Check out some of the cinema art below:

So, an uber dark script, a comedic director, a new Asgardian hero and a Hulk. Sounds like we’ve got something juicy on our hands.
Watch this space for all the latest Thor: Ragnorak movie news.

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