The Thing Secret Revealed

‘The Thing’ Blu-Ray Reveals Horrific Secret


Cinematographer Dean Cudney lets slip a hint at who’s really human in John Carpenter’s The Thing. Read more after the jump.

What are the great horror movies of the last 50 years? Take a few seconds to think. If John Carpenter‘s The Thing wasn’t on the list, there are only two explanations. You either haven’t seen it, or you’re an alien pretending to be someone reading this article. Unfortunately if you’re in the first group you won’t get that joke.

The Thing is widely to considered to be one of the all-time classic horror movies, if not one of Carpenter’s crowning achievements as a director. There are a lot of things you could say work in the 1982 film’s favour. The use of a desolate arctic wasteland and a cramped, isolated research facility as the setting. A monstrous alien that can perfectly disguise itself as a human. A stir-crazy crew ready at a moment’s notice to turn on and kill one another. Kurt Russell with a beard. Maybe it’s biggest draw is that by the end, you’re still not sure who of the two survivors is human and which is the alien.

Well, that used to be its biggest draw.

Slashfilm is reporting that the new 2K Blu-Ray release of The Thing has revealed some shocking news about the making of the film. One of the features of the DVD is commentary from cinematographer Dean Cudney. Cudney is a hugely prolific and respected cinematographer who has worked on Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and a whole bunch of other properties – including The Thing. In the commentary Cudney mentions that Carpenter always wanted a clue as to who was still human in the movie. According to Cudney he got one:

“You’ll notice there’s always an eye light, we call it, a little gleam in the eye of the actor. It gives life.”

I know right!? It looks like Carpenter and Cudney kept that little secret for the last 34 years. But Cudney didn’t just let this secret slip out of nowhere. Apparently he was asked by Blumhouse blog writer Rob Galuzzo, who moderated the commentary. if there were any subtle clues as to who The Thing was disguised as.

The 2K Blu-Ray edition of The Thing won’t be out until October. But you can bet we’ll be re-watching our own DVD copies tonight to catch that eye-gleam.

The Thing 2K Blu-Ray edition will be released 11th October 2016. Watch this space for all the latest movie news.

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