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Hugh Jackman Will Only Make One More “Wolverine” Movie

I don’t want you to panic, but we could very well be winding down on one of the most successful comic movie franchises of all time. There has been considerable evidence to suggest that Hugh Jackman will only be making one more Wolverine movie. Aaaaaaand panic now!

It goes without saying that there are seriously mixed reviews of the spin-off Wolverine movies that came out of the original trilogy of X-Men movies that began in 2000. But how ever you rate them, they haven’t done Marvel, X-Men or Mr Jackman himself any harm at all. 2013’s The Wolverine alone grossed nearly $415 million worldwide! That’s a lot of claw polish. But The Wrap is reporting that Jackman will only be donning the leather jacket one more time. This comes from a mysterious tweet the actor posted last week:


While there was a suggestion that this could mean a final curtain on any potential future appearances of Logan, it has been explained by an insider that this is purely a reference to one final Wolverine standalone. There is no reason to believe that this news would have any impact on Jackman’s involvement with the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse or a potential foot in Deadpool’s door (hey, it could happen, you don’t know).

When talking about possible developments for a Wolverine sequel with The Wrap, Jackman had this to say:

“I’d probably move it to a different visual palette…We are looking at a lot of different storylines. No one has jumped out. You can tell from my answer that we’re still working it out.”

It would certainly be a crime to see the X-Men take on Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse without the help to the adamantium-clad quasi-leader of the gang. Please don’t tell Cyclops I said that.