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Meet New Guardian of the Galaxy Pom Klementieff

Oldboy actor Pom Klementieff will head out into space in 2017 with the rest of the Guardians. But who exactly will she be playing?

James Gunn has a whole galaxy of characters to choose from in his upcoming sequel to the Marvel summer smash Guardians of the Galaxy. However, after mentioning he wanted to add two new faces to the Guardians roster, that’s since been dropped to one addition. So which character is going to join Starlord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax? We don’t know. But we now have a firm idea of the actor chosen to play them.

According to Screenrant.com, the news is that French Canadian actor Pom Klementieff will be joining the cast of Guardians Vol. 2. After doing on screen chemistry tests with the rest of the cast, Klementieff came out in top and will be the 6th member of the Galaxy-saving team unlikely heroes. Gunn had mentioned previously that he was keen to have two female team members for the second film, with Zoe Saldana‘s Gamora being the only woman on the team.

So who’s Pom Klementieff? You may not be familiar with a lot of her work, given that most of her projects have been French films. However, a few years ago she starred in Oldboy with Josh Brolin and got some decent panel exposure as a result. If you watched Oldboy, you’ll also know that Klementieff has a fair few martial arts scenes. Odds are that training will come in handy in the upcoming Marvel space-romp.

There’s nothing solid about which character Klementieff will be playing, there are suggestions that she could be playing a version of Moondragon, the daughter of Drax (Dave Bautista). The only support for this claim is that Vol. 2 will have a strong paternal theme, particularly for Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill/Starlord.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be out May 5th 2017, so we’ve got a fair amount of time to find out more about Klementieff’s character and any other new additions to Gunn’s Galaxy.

Watch this space for all the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie news.

Vin Diesel Spreads Some More Marvel Rumours: “Are You Inhuman?”

If there’s one actor in Hollywood that doesn’t need a publicist to generate hype it’s Vin Diesel. The Fast and Furious  star is more than capable of keeping himself in the public eye and part of many a movie-goer conversation. Building on the unprecedented popularity of his performance as Groot in Marvel’s dark horse Guardians of the Galaxy, Diesel teased in August that he may have something to do with another inbound Marvel project, The Inhumans, scheduled for a 2018 release. Much like the Guardians, the Inhumans are another on-the-fringe team that have connections to the alien race introduced in Guardians, the Kree. Now, Diesel is once again stirring the pot and hinting at his involvement with the race of super-humans that spend some of their time living on the moon…you heard me. Here’s the image that Diesel posted on Facebook that everyone’s talking about:


There was no comment with this picture, but the caption says it all really. Whether or not what the image says is true is another story. Diesel also has “Inhumans” written on his fashionable shirt, if that helps. To be honest, this image has the feel of a sports clothing range an energy drink billboard with a celebrity endorsement. If it’s really Diesel’s way of saying “Hey, I’ll be in another Marvel movie”, it would a funny way of going about it. But hey, Diesel’s a funny guy…please don’t tell him I said that, he is quite terrifying.

If Diesel is in The Inhumans, there will certainly be a better chance of him having a live-action role as opposed to a voice-over as he did for Groot. There’s also a lot of members of the group that he could play – Black Bolt, Triton, Gorgon. Do these all sound like nerd colognes?

Anyway, this is one of those pieces of news that’s more “news” than news, but it’s exciting nonetheless and gets Inhumans involved in a conversation that’s been very Avengers and Dr Strange heavy recently.


Dwayne Johnson in talks to star in Disney’s “Moana”

(Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, on the set of Furious 7)

Johnson: Hey Vin,I heard you did some voice-over work over at                                Marvel?
Diesel: That’s right Dwayne, I was Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Johnson: Man, how can you do that kind of crap?
Diesel: Weren’t you in Planet 51?
Johnson: Shhh! All I know is animated roles are lame-sauce.
Diesel: What do you mean Dwayne?
Johnson: All you do is talk into a microphone all day! You don’t do                            big leaps or spin kicks or flex your muscles while you’re                              strangling some dude. How is anyone supposed to know                            you’re a badass?
Diesel: You got it all wrong Dwayne, voice-over acting is the                                    toughest, most physically demanding work there is.
Johnson: How’s that?
Diesel: Because you’ve got to express your bicep-toting bad-assery                    with nothing but your vocal muscles. It’s both greatest acting                  challenge and the ultimate workout.
Johnson: I don’t know, Vin, I’m not sure.
Diesel: Did I mention it pays stupid money now?
Johnson: Say what?

Hey, guess what? Dwayne Johnson’s signed on to do an animated film!

A sound-proof studio: the only place where Dwayne Johnson allows himself to laugh.
A sound-proof studio: the only place where Dwayne Johnson allows himself to laugh.

Don’t let that little bit of dialogue fool you, I’m super-psyched about this. Samoan muscle-man Johnson is currently in talks to play the voice of demi-god Maui in the upcoming animated Disney feature MoanaThe film will follow the sea-faring Moana Waialiki, the only daughter of a chief who comes from a long line of navigators. Johnson’s character will help the titular heroine in her nautical adventures. Considering the folklore they’re looking to play around with in this film, it looks to be a sea-monster-stuffed romp. It will be exciting to see Johnson remake his animated self after Planet 51, especially with the extra live-action experience he’s got under his belt now.

What say you? Excited to see (or hear) Dwayne Johnson in Moana?