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Red Band Trailer for National Lampoon Doc “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead”

With the new Vacation reboot being released this week, you’d be forgiven for getting a little nostalgic about the original Vacation. But as great as that movie was, it was just one brick in a comedy fortress that had been built by that most outrageous of comedic fraternities, the National Lampoon. Well, you picked a great time to get nostalgic, betas e there just so happens to be a documentary coming out chronicling the rise and rise and rise and fall of what was and still is a huge influence on comedy worldwide. What’s that? A trailer? Oh you bet your ass we’ve got a trailer:
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“Vacation” Writers Confirm “Spiderman” Gig

If you were anywhere near an Ant-Man screening over the last week or two (check out our review here), then you’ll most likely have gotten a little giggly at the reference to Spiderman in the final few minutes – a two second hint that got arguably as much attention as the post-credits sequence. And who could blame you. The latest MCU newcomer is the talk of the town, and with actor Tom Holland and director Jon Watts nailed down for the project, the Ant-Man nod was a nice reminder of what we’ve got to look forward to in 2017 with Spiderman‘s release. What more could we really ask for this early in the game? Well confirmation that of who’s writing the screenplay would be nice. Oh wait we totally have that! Continue reading “Vacation” Writers Confirm “Spiderman” Gig

Check Out Ed Helms Singing Kiss from a Rose in New “Vacation” Trailer

I’d be lying if I said that the notion of a new Vacation movie filled me with giddy firework dreams when I first heard about it. Then the red band trailer came along and I was a little less dubious about Ed Helms taking on the role of Rusty Griswold, doomed to repeat his father Clark’s (Chevy Chase) ┬áholiday-making blunders. Now Empire is reporting that we have a suitable for all trailer to enjoy, and it looks to expand on the misadventures of the Griswolds’ attempt to drive cross country in a bizarre looking automobile to visit Walley World. We’ve got the trailer below, so by all means take a solid gander:

OK this would be something I could get on board with. The new trailer definitely tries to establish this latest Vacation as a movie in its own right, taking only a few tasty callbacks along for the ride. We also get a look at some of the other high profile comedic players lending their talents to this picture, including Charlie Day, Nick Kroll, Regina Hall, Caitlin Olson and Keegan Michael Key. Also, Chris Hemsworth‘s in it, although by now I’m sure he must be tired of playing the handsomest man alive and cashing in on his frankly unnerving sex appeal… Maybe I didn’t need to write all that.

Anyway, there’s definitely potential in this road movie and hopefully it will live up to Rusty Griswold’s high expectations.

Vacation will hit theatres August 21st.