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“Beyblade” Rights Nabbed by Paramount

Remember when you were a kid and you’d be watching Pokemon or Digimon or Yu gi oh or (insert Japanese sourced pop culture sensation here), and you’d think “oh my God I’d give my left Charmander to see this as a live action film on the big screen”. Remember when you stopped having ideas like that? If not, chances are you currently work at Paramount. That sounds like a dog at the studio and maybe it is, but like it or not they’ve made a lot of money from a lot of movies based on Hasbro lines like GI Joe and Transformers. Now it looks as though the studio is looking to do the same with Beyblade.

According to Deadline, Paramount has acquired the film rights to the Japanese cross-platform franchise. For those of you unfamiliar with Beyblade, it’s a toy line based on the idea of swappable, customisable battling tops with their own unique powers and personalities. Developed by Transformers creators Takaratomy, the line was brought into the Hasbro fold in 2001, with a second generation of toys in 2009 and a third planned for 2017.

Mary Parent will be producing the planned film with Disruption Entertainment, and that’s all we know for now. It’s gonna be a while before any more information comes to light, but considering the franchise has made around $2.5 billion worldwide, I’m guessing they’ll be going all out.

TMNT 2 Gets It’s Geared Up Garbage Truck

If there’s one thing that Michael Bay thrives at, it’s building considerable hype for films that people don’t think they want to see or even want to be made. A veritable lifetime of Transformers sequels have given him a valuable education in spinning an unattractive franchise into something that might be worth spending some of your take home pay on. The usual tactic for this spin doctor masterclass is playing on the nostalgia of young and old by dredging up something from their childhood that they only remember well enough to get a chuckle from and not well enough to recall that it wasn’t all that good.

Right, that’s quite enough laying into Michael Bay I think. After the giddy news that Paul Casey would definitely be making an appearance in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, the next flashback from your formative years is a peak at the new mode of transportation the heroes in a half shell will be rocking. On top of that, Screen Rant┬áis reporting that Bay is sticking to his lucky Transformers formula by previewing all the vehicles that will be making an appearance. Well, let’s have a look then:

tmnt2-firstlook-turtletruck1-full tmnt2-firstlook-turtletruck2-full

Wow actually that’s…that’s pretty cool. And it has Taratuga written along the side – that means turtle! It really does match up to one in the TV show. Oh hey, and look at this one:



It’s the Polaris Slingshot three-wheeler! No way! This is gonna be awesome!

Ahem, anyway, it all looks to be above board and set to bring back as much from the original series as possible. Will we be seeing Krang taking the wheel of the turtle truck? Well no, I mean, obviously he has no arms so that would be an incredibly flawed plan. Maybe the body he rides around in can.

The truck looks pretty cool though right?