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Fury Road Black and White Version Released in Germany

A fabled black and white cut of Mad Max Fury Road finally surfaces as part of a Blu Ray collection’s special features. Read more after the jump.

We recently wrote about a featurette that showed the difference between what Mad Max Fury Road looked like filming and the finished shiny and chrome movie. The differences went some way to demonstrating how much work went into the visual effects and cinematography of the latest Mad Max adventure. Sure, colours great, but here’s a mad idea. What if it was in black and white instead? Rumours have been floating around for a while about a black and white version of Fury Road. Fans have been desperate to see the monochrome cut of one of 2015’s most explosive releases. Turns out they may get their hands on it sooner than they think.

Screenrant is reporting that a new Blu Ray release of Mad Max Fury Road will contain the black and white version of the movie. The release, entitled the Mad Max High Octane Collection is a six disc compilation if all 4 Mad Max movies in sparkling Blu Ray quality. If you’re wondering what’s on the other two discs, it’s a shedload of extras including the suitably titled Black and Chrome cut of Fury Road. The Black and Chrome cut should be more or less the same length and footage of the original movie, but don’t worry. There are plenty of juicy extras in the collection to keep you going.

Now here’s the downside. Thus collection is currently only available in Germany. As of yet there’s no indication of releases in the UK, US or anywhere else. All we know is that Germany can get their hands on it in September 2016. However, with any luck the collection will be too popular to be limited to one country. Either that or the Black and Chrome version will make an appearance elsewhere, maybe even on its own!

The Mad Max High Octane Collection is due for release in Germany September 29th, 2016. Watch this space for all the lastest Mad Max movie news.

Tom Hardy is Doubling Down as the Kray Twins in “Legend” Trailer

It goes without saying that we’re big fans of Tom Hardy here. Locke was one of the unique highlights of 2014 and we’ll have a hard time topping the action of Mad Max: Fury Road this summer (the gauntlet has been thrown down Ant Man). Now we have news of Hardy’s latest project in which he’ll be playing two larger than life London gangsters.

The Wrap is reporting that Hardy will star in this year’s Legend, the story of Ronald and Reginald Kray, better know as the Kray Twins, both of whom will be played by Hardy Social Network style. Have a look at the trailer:

If that wasn’t intriguing enough, the project has been written and directed by L.A. Confidential scribe Brian Heldeland of all people, so there’s already a lot of heavy muscle in this movie before the impressive cast gets their teeth into it. And impressive it is, with Hardy starring alongside Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton, Game of ThronesTara Fitzgerald and Christopher Eccleston.

Legend will track the Krays’ journey to become the most powerful gangsters in London in the 1960s, between Reggie’s keen mafia acumen and Ronnie’s unstable but always formidable braun. We’ll also get to see their balance of fame and infamy, mingling with countless celebrities of the day as well as London’s finest.
Legend will hit theatres in September in the UK and October in the US. Legendary enough for you?

Who is the Guy with the Flame-Throwing Guitar in “Mad Max: Fury Road”?

It’s definitely going to be a while before people stop talking about Mad Max: Fury Road. As post apocalyptic franchises go, the film has a surprising and unrelenting bite to it, and remains fully committed to the notion that every character should be…well, committed.

Director George Miller‘s most unique filmmaking skill, other than his passion for beautifully choreographed but equally dirty action sequences, is his ability to establish characters without a dependence of any kind on heavy handed exposition or extensive dialogue. Indeed, the characters were mostly an exposition-free zone I’d you don’t count Max’s terrifying flashes of insanity. We know nothing about these survivors, and yet nothing stops us from 100% buying into their story and emotional investments. No small feat considering the board certified mental madness of it all.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that audiences took a shine to Coma the Doof Warrior, whom you may know better as the burgess suspended onesie wearing guitar player who joins the war party to keep everyone pumped up. Despite having no official on screen origin whatsoever, he’s a big focus of the film, if only for visual purposes. So it’s only fitting that he have an origin story.

Deadline is reporting that in an interview with Movie Pilot, musician Iota who was cast as Coma opens the pickle jar on the character’s brutal past:

“I knew that George had said that Coma was found by Immortan Joe in a Cave and taken under his wing and he learned to be a musician. I kind of embellished that for myself. Basically, my story was that Coma was found with his mother’s head, after she had been killed, and he was clinging to it and Immortan Joe came and found him and Coma took her face off and made the mask out of her face, to honor her when he went to war.”

Now that’s a backstory! The only question left to answer is what that origin has to do with a red onesie? Well, Iota had an answer for that too: the costume was his idea, designed primarily to make the guitarist more visible in a world of bright oranges:

“Coma didn’t really have a costume, as such. So there was lots of trying stuff on and I remember thinking that an old farcical onesie would be good with the butt flap hanging out the back. The mask was something that was worked on and influence came from everyone. And certainly Angus Young and AC/DC was an influence.”

So there you have it, the man and the mystery come full circle. Iota has even alluded to the fact that Coma shouldn’t come back for a sequel, for fear that it would run the novelty. A reasonable suggestion indeed, although I imagine that the Mad Max sequel, currently entitled The Wasteland, will be a very different creature altogether, with a whole new mess of madd’uns giving Max grief.
Now what are you still doing sitting there? Go see Mad Max you ruddy scamps! Mad Max: Fury Road is currently in theatres.

“Mad Max: The Wasteland” Named by Miller as “Fury Road” Sequel

Soooooo, Mad Max right? It’s not many franchises that can come back to the plate after 30 years worth of delays and absolutely knock it out of the park. But you’d only have to shout Mad Max in a crowded room and wait for the Mexican wave of excited whoots to see how successful it’s been. The only problem is that now we know the film is a smash and the franchise is salvaged – critically as well as financially – no one cares about the film anymore. They only care about the potential sequel. After three decades of plot development, correction and expansion, some semblance of a followup was bound to rear it’s attention seeking head. George Miller has more or less confirmed this, revealing that two sequels were in the works before Fury Road got its groove back, including one entitled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Screen Rant is reporting that The Wasteland is the result of an accidental universe expansion that happens when you work on a script for so long and vents get made to siphon off potential plot points. The sequel would follow on the tradition and bring the audience deeper into the madness and the monstrosities of the apocalyptic outback. We know that Tom Hardy is signed on for three Mad Max sequels, so odds are we would see the actor tuck his trousers into his socks and wade into the Wasteland.

However, this title goes against Miller’s reveal in 2010 that the sequel to Fury Road would be called Mad Max: Furiosa, presumably based on Charlize Theron‘s badass liberator. Could this change be connected to claims that Theron had a tough time on set and tensions got a little high?

Fans would definitely like to see Furiosa take on more psychos in a sequel, but would Theron be on board? While Furiosa’s fate may still hang in the balance, The Wasteland looks to be in a very strong place.

But what is The Wasteland? Given Miller’s as yet unyielding ability to craft harsh dystopia worlds, I for one am looking forward to finding out.

Jake Gyllenhaal the Latest to Pass on Rick Flag and “Suicide Squad”

Oh Suicide Squad. Your flame burnt so bright, but for so a short a time. Truly pride comes before a fall. Is that too dramatic? Well you have to admit that the DC/ Warner Bros. project has hit a sort of speed bump. After such a strong showing a few months ago with a full main cast list, we got word earlier this month that Tom Hardy had left the project, leaving the role of Rick Flag open. Director David Ayer had his sights set on Jake Gyllenhaal for the role, but Slash Film is now reporting that the star of 2014 breakout Nightcrawler has said no to the role as well.

Rick Flag, as he might have been: Tom Hardy turned down the role earlier this month.
Rick Flag, as he might have been: Tom Hardy turned down the role earlier this month.

Now to be fair, there was nothing particularly concrete connecting Gyllenhaal to the project, apart from Ayer’s word that he was heavily courting the actor with whom he had previously collaborated successfully on End of Watch. Clearly, however, Ayer is a better director than he is a date. Either that, or Gyllenhaal is giving himself some breathing room to pick his next few projects more selectively. After such an amazing performance in Nightcrawler,  Gyllenhaal is going body-mod with boxing project Southpaw and will most likely be looking for similarly serious projects to prove that Nightcrawler wasn’t a fluke. Let’s face it, as financially and commercially tantalising as superhero movies may be on either side of the DC/Marvel fence, they’re not for everybody – certainly not for every actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal's big transformation from "Nightcrawler" (right) to "Southpaw" (left)
Jake Gyllenhaal’s big transformation from “Nightcrawler” (right) to “Southpaw” (left)

Although there is a more practical explanation for both refusals: there are reports that Hardy’s current project The Revenant, is going over schedule, and if he follows that up with promotions for the summer release of Mad Max: Fury Road, there may just not be room for Suicide Squad. As for Gyllenhaal, he’s recently gone the Bradley Cooper route and started in a role on Broadway, so he may be too busy treading the boards to get caught in a potentially ongoing DC contract.

Other than that, the film is still moving on as scheduled, with Spring shooting plans and a August 5, 2016 release date unchanged. Let’s hope everything runs smoothly from here on out.

Just how good is the latest “Suicide Squad” news?

It goes without saying that everyone got a serious kick out of the news that Suicide Squad had a confirmed cast. The two biggest surprises to come out of it were the affirmation of Jared Leto as The Joker, and Will Smith‘s name being tossed into the mix as Deadshot. There’s no denying that a superhero team-up is a crowd-pleaser, especially since Guardians of the Galaxy proved that we don’t need to know the team members to fall in love with them. Add the fact that these are all villains, including Harley Quinn and The Joker!? How could we not get excited?

But now that we’ve had a few hours to calm down and all the glitzy dust has settled, maybe we should take a moment to think about how reliable a line-up of actors DC has put together for us.

First, we’ve got Will Smith. One of the most successful, well-known actors around. It might be argued that Smith has gone a little off the deep-end recently and might be looking to change his image with a DC picture. That might be true, except for the fact that he doesn’t need to change his image. Men in Black 3 grossed $624 million worldwide. 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Positive responses from critics. Granted, After Earth  was mostly a write-off and Focus looks just plain dull, but so what? Clearly the man can still make what he wants and be a hit. Not to mention the fact that he could potentially come back for Independence Day 2 and already has a serious drama in the works with Concussion, an exploration of head trauma in the NFL, due out in 2016. So why Suicide Squad?

The obvious answer is because he likes the part and likes the script. But Smith doesn’t just have to like something and go along with it. If something doesn’t sit right with him, he’ll try and change it. Let’s not forget that he lost out to Jamie Foxx for the lead in Django Unchained because he wanted to shoot the bad guy instead of Christoph Waltz’s character. And this has got me worried. If Smith took this role, it could very well mean that the script was just the way he wanted it, or it was changed to suit him. This is all complete conjecture of course, but could still be bad news. There’s also the question of whether or not he has a contract to appear in other DC films.

But back to the other cast members. Tom Hardy is a dependable choice, given his history with DC (Dark Knight Rises) and his uncanny ability to augment his body shape seemingly at will. As for Jai Courtney, he’ll draw a modest tween audience thanks to the Divergent series if all goes well and will potentially make waves with Terminator: Genisys and add to the already considerable hype. Margot Robbie is starring in Focus alongside Smith, but her role in Wolf of Wall Street is most likely why she’s been given Harley Quinn to make her own. As for Cara Delevingne, she’s been popping her head in the door in a lot of big films recently, including Anna Karenina and the upcoming Pan. And if Aidan Gillen lands Deathstroke, he’s got his Game of Thrones gusto to call on.

And then we have Jared Leto. Between Requiem for a Dream in 2000 and last year’s Dallas Buyers Club, Leto’s acting contributions could easily have been missed if you didn’t know where to look. Two years ago he could very well have been groomed by Marvel as the star of a property all to himself, given his respectable dramatic chops and the kind of Everyman handsome face that pretty much any major superhero can be copy and pasted onto.

And it doesn’t matter that he has an Oscar. If you look at Leto’s track record, you get the impression that his acting trajectory is very much down to the projects he likes, instead of the parts he thinks would make him more successful. Now that he has Best Supporting Actor under his belt I don’t see that changing. Don’t forget that Ledger had a nomination for Brokeback Mountain before he was cast for The Dark Knight , so that’s not the issue.

But if you look at the kind of film The Dark Knight was, and the kind of work that Leto has done in the past, you could start to think that DC are going to stick with their plan to keep things dark and serious. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. Do all superhero movies need to follow the colourful, fun-loving Marvel template? Not necessarily. It’s not so much about following the herd as it is drawing on experience and knowing what works in the long term.

Let’s just have a quick side-by-side comparison with Marvel. Now don’t get antsy, I know they aren’t the same and they can put their universes together in different ways. But we have to consider that DC is starting on the back foot and it’s already trying to catch up with Marvel in terms of output. Just take a look at the line-up of films to come out of both studios over the next few years:

So pretty...
So pretty…

From 2015 onward, we already have word of 23 Marvel properties and 15 DC properties. That seems unbalanced, but if you take away all of the Marvel films that will be released outside of the Marvel Studio system by Fox, Sony and Disney, that leaves Marvel Studios with 9 upcoming films against DC/ Warner Bros.’ 15. So it’s safe to say that DC have come to play, and they’re looking to take up as much space on the calendar as possible. That’s OK though, right? Marvel can’t “own” making good superhero movies can they? Of course not, but here’s the problem: DC simply hasn’t got the foundations for this kind of consistent turnout yet.

By the time we hit 2015, Marvel Studios will have released ten blockbuster productions, all successful, all awaiting sequels (apart from Iron man that already has two and Hulk). By the time the predicted line-up is finished, Marvel Studios’ number of productions will be more than twice as large. And that’s just in the current continuity.

DC has one: Man of Steel.

Now DC has a whole archive of successful films: the original batman series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Reeves’ Superman, Watchmen – almost all of them produced by Warner Bros. Their ability to make good films is not in question. But they’ve never had to worry about tying them all together before. No one was telling Tim Burton to make Michael Keaton less self-reliant in case he needed to get involved with the Justice League…although that might explain what happened with Batman Forever . The truth is Marvel has been perfecting for the last six years what DC only started putting into effect a year ago.

I agree that I might be spoiling the party for everyone by saying it’s gonna suck before we even get there. Suicide Squad could be amazing – it’s got enough acting talent to do it. The only question is whether the choice of actors, the choice of tone and the Jenga tower of a movie multiverse are going to play well together when the time comes. Hopefully they will.

Rogue Squadron: cast confirmed for Ayer’s “Suicide Squad”

There’s been a whole bunch of reports over the last few months on who’s going to be filling the roster for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Names like Jared Leto for the Joker have been appearing and disappearing with very little sticking power. but now we have a solid cast list from Warner Bros. for the members of the DC Universe’s government funded villain branch.

So here’s the list, laid out nice and simple-like:

Jared Leto – The Joker

Will Smith – Deadshot

Tom Hardy – Rick Flagg

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

Jai Courtney – Boomerange

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

Names have been named: Smith, Robbie, Hardy, Courtney, Leto and Deleveingne.
Names have been named: Smith, Robbie, Hardy, Courtney, Leto and Deleveingne.

This is a very intriguing list and I’ll tell you why: of the latest incarnation of the Suicide Squad – titled the New Suicide Squad in the series that started its run earlier this year – only Deadshot and Harley Quinn appear in the film line-up. Hardy’s character Rick Flag could refer to three different characters, a grandfather, father and son with the same name. Flag had a concrete member of the Squad up until 2011.

Boomerange is referred to as Captain Boomerang in the comics, so this may have been altered to sound less like a character in a kid’s TV show – either that or there were legal issues with the name. Enchantress is another long-running character, but has magical powers so it’ll be interesting to see how they broach that subject or work around it.

The most interesting name on the list is The Joker. I was originally very sceptical when Leto was named as a potential cast member, since the clown prince of crime has never really been directly affiliated with the Squad. The Joker’s daughter did enter the line-up in 2014 to join his on-again off-again girlfriend Harley Quinn. It’ll be exciting to see how Leto takes the mantle from Heath Ledger atfer his portrayal in The Dark Knight

David Ayer is writing as well as directing the film for Warner Bros., with Zack Snyder (who’d have thought it?), Deborah Snyder, Colin Wilson and Geoff Johns on hand as executive producers. Shooting will take place in Toronto.

It’ll be along wait before Suicide Squad arrives on our screens, but it’s not like we don’t have a bundle of Marvel and DC films to keep us limber until 2016.

What do you think of the lineup? Who’s depiction can you not wait to see?