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Mark Ruffalo Finishes ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Filming

The Hulk himself Mark Ruffalo celebrates his final days on set of Thor: Ragnarok with some fun-filled photos. Read more after the jump.

Captain America: Civil War has arguable been the most successful superhero movie this year. Suicide Squad looks like it may be following in Batman v Superman’s footsteps by dividing fans and critics down the middle. Civil War may not have had the most shock and awe, but it ended up being a solid addition to the Marvel Universe. As a result there’s a lot of pressure on Thor: Ragnarok to dazzle us with a Hulk and Thor buddy story for the ages. The only two avengers who didn’t turn up in Civil War will be palling around the realms to save Asgard from certain doom. There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the plot, particularly how big a role the Planet Hulk story components will play. What seems to be clear is that filming has been a whole mess of fun, especially according to Mark Ruffalo’s recent social media rampage.

The news from Screenrant is that the Hulk himself took to social media to declare he was done filming on Thor: Ragnarok. This was surprising news considering that filming has only been going on for about a month. There are still a good few months of filming left to go before the director Taika Waititi calls cut. Does that mean Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner plays a smaller role in Thor: Ragnarok? If so, hopefully there’s more than enough Hulk to go around.

Check out Ruffalo’s pictures below:

Laugh now, cry later.

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#Thor3 On set behind the scenes. @chrishemsworth

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Hemsworth in Full Thor3 Costume!!!

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It definitely looks like everyone had fun with Mark Ruffalo on set. With Waititi directing that was bound to be the case, and there have already been suggestions the film will be light-hearted. Let’s hope we get more snaps from the set soon.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres on November 3, 2017. Watch this space for all the latest Thor: Ragnarok movie news.

Rumour Patrol: Planet Hulk is Part of Thor: Ragnarok?

Hulk’s role in Thor: Ragnarok could finally introduce the Planet Hulk storyline to the Marvel Cinematic Universe…or not.

Here at Spaghetti Red we’re not huge fans of baseless rumours. Oh sure, it’s fun to let yourself believe that they’ll do a Thundercats/ He-Man cross-over movie, or that Quentin Tarantino is taking on Shakespeare’s As You Like It. But that’s not news, and we wouldn’t waste your time with it. That being said, we’re also huge fans of The Incredible Hulk, so any rumour to do with him may be given a little more wiggle room on the site. Given that Hulk is one of the more enigmatic characters in the MCU, it happens a fair bit. So there’s this rumour going around about Planet Hulk‘s involvement in Thor: Ragnarok. It’s probably got a lot of holes, but we like it and we’re going to speculate on it at length. See what you think.

The news from Latino Review is that Thor: Raganarok will finally introduce the concept of Planet Hulk. The storyline of The not-so-jolly green giant travelling to a new planet to become a gladiatorial warrior has been hinted at before. Now the rumours are saying that we’ll finally get to see it in the latest Thor outing.

We already know that Hulk will playing a big part in Thor: Raganrok, although the deails up until now have been sketchy. We’ve heard word that it would be a buddy adventure of sorts, and given the fact that the film was deliberately made less dark this fits in nicely.

But how the heck does Planet Hulk fit into this? An excellent question. Here’s how Latino Review explain it:

In the current script for THOR: RAGNAROK, a portion of the plot will center on Thor (Chris Hemsworth) being banished from Asgard and sent to a neighboring planet where he ends up competing in gladiatorial battles. He handily beats a few intergalactic warriors, and seems a shoe-in to win…until he’s thrown for quite a loop. The overlord of the bouts decides Thor needs to be humbled and destroyed, so he calls upon their champion. And take a nice big guess who walks through those gates to meet Thor in the center of the arena?

The answer is Hulk in case that wasn’t clear.

Notions of  a Planet Hulk movie have been in the air supply for some time. When Thor: The Dark World came out, hints of Planet Hulk characters included in the storyline sparked some of the first rumours. After that, once people got wind that Hulk would end Age of Ultron leaving in a quinjet the rumours started up all over again.

So here we are again, hoping that Mark Ruffalo will take Hulk into the arena so we can enjoy some Hulk-Smashing without the worry of civilian casualties.

Are these rumours baseless? It’s unlikely, but that doesn’t mean that they’re anything to go on. It’s very early in the game to start predicting what the storyline for Thor: Ragnarok will involve. Even if there is some plan to include a  story, that could very easily disappear by the time the film comes out. Also, you know, we have no real sources.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theatres 3rd November 2017.

Watch this space for all the latest Thor: Ragnarok movie news.