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Stunning Sci-Fi Short “The Landing” Ends 2014 On a Strange High

Forget fireworks, forget booze, forget Auld Lang Syne. Get yourself to a computer and ring in the new year with a chilling sci-fi short film. Don’t worry, I’m sure no one will touch the booze before you get back.

From director Josh Tanner we have The Landing, a New Year’s fable of sorts that follows a father and son as they discover a mysterious object on their farmland, along with it’s strange secrets. It’s an excellent piece of film-making for such a broad premise, so check it out, courtesy of Vimeo. Run time is 17 minutes, in case you’ve got anything in the oven:

Australian born Tanner has a strong track record of short films over the last 7 years, with projects like 2010’s Deliberation which follows the disastrous betrayal of a partner and The Accountant & The Clown which…well it’s about an accountant and a clown. The Landing definitely doesn’t do any damage to Tanner’s reputation as a creator of unique visual short stories.

We’ll hopefully be seeing more from Tanner soon, although if his current rate of output continues it may be another year or two before we see another short. Still, there’ll probably be some other films out between now so we’ll have something to do in the interim.

Are you a fan of The Landing?