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6 Kickass Documentaries about Disastrous Movies

From Citizen Kane to Troll 2, we’ve put together some of our favourite documentaries about movie-making horror stories. Read more after the jump.

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Terry Gilliam Signs with Amazon for “Don Quixote” Project

There are some directors who without fail have a difficult time getting their films off the ground in the current in the studio, and even when they do are plagued with misfortune and soul (and funding) sacking delays. Terry Gilliam wrote the self help book that all these directors read in the bathtub. Gilliam’s body of work has as many tragic, self-deprecatingly mad stories within it as there are about the film actually getting made, and that’s unfortunately been accepted by many as an anecdotal status quo. But it looks as though all of that is going to change, and soon.

Empire is reporting that that director has made a deal with Amazon to vacuum the dust off a script in Gilliam’s wishlist and get it onto the screen. That script is The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, the story of a film-maker who travels to Spain to shoot a film and stumbles across a giant, played by John Hurt. If this is anything like Gilliam’s other work, that will be the most normal part of the movie. The film is also set to star Jack and Toby O’Connell.

On the shopping Jest of working with Amazon, Gilliam had this to say:

“Amazon and the like are interesting because they are all still in their formative stages. They’re not a bureaucracy that has been around for years like the studio system, and so they’re full of people that are open to new and fresh ideas. So it’s a good time to be working with people like that.”

Sounds like an ideal incubator for Gilliam’s work. The director also suggested that some of his other projects will be seeing the light of day soon:

“I’ve got a couple other things I’m playing with…A couple of old scripts that have been wallowing within the studio system; we’ve got them out, so we’re going to stretch them out. So what was going to become a two and a half hour movie will now become a six-eight part TV series.”

A TV series directed by Gilliam? We’re in. How about you?