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Read Steven Spielberg’s Fan-Mail to Dwayne Johnson

Let’s be honest, if you’re Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson – fake American wrestler turned real American sweetheart – your life is spectacularly insane at the best of times. You eat an insane amount of food, flex an insane amount of muscles, and you star in an insane amount of films. But when you start getting letters from legendary Hollywood directors praising your work out of the blue, that’s could be too much to handle, man.

The Wrap is reporting that Mr Johnson received a personal letter from none other than Steven Spielberg, and immediately lost a reasonable amount of his shit when the director complimented the actor on his work through the years.

Speaking to Esquire, Johnson said “It took me back to being just like a kid. I was so blown away.”

The letter went like this:

“Been enjoying your movies over the years. Very entertaining. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the years, most recently after watching you host ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Great job. You continue to go for it. Proud of your work and look forward to meeting you.”

I don’t know about you, but that  would be too awesome to bear. The two have never worked together before, but this could be a strong indication that Spielberg will be bringing Johnson on board for something in the future. Maybe not his Cold War drama that he’s currently directing, but I could definitely see Johnson in The BFG.
It’s definitely worth checking out Instagram to see Johnson reading the letter and doing what I can only imagine is the closest he can get to giggling.

Johnson has just made serious waves with disaster movie San Andreas and is currently starring in HBO show Ballers. As for the future, who could say? Well, Spielberg could presumably.

Trailer for Nancy Spielberg’s Israeli Pilot Doc “Above and Beyond” Is Up and Away!

If you don’t know who Nancy Speilberg is, have a guess. That’s right, she’s Steven Spielberg’s sister, and is a film-maker in her own right. She has worked on a good few documentaries over the last few years, including Elusive Justice and Mimi and Donna.

Inkeeping with her historical bent, THR reports that Spielberg has produced Above and Beyond, a documentary that follows American pilots who came to the aid of Israel in it’s fight for independence. Many of the pilots were Jewish, and the story is made all the more incredible by the fact that these pilots had survived World War II, only to voluntarily fight in this other war three years later. There’s some intriguing footage and interviews in this trailer so have a look:

As a sucker for documentaries, this looks to be a great feature. Spielberg has definitely touched on a little known piece of both Israeli and American military history. The doc is directed by Roberta Grossman, a documentary native herself who has worked on Blessed Is The March and Homeland:Four Portraits of Native Action.

The film will première in New York on January 30th, 2015.