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Drew Goddard in Talks to Direct New “Spiderman”

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my new years resolution for 2015 was to eat more lentils and start caring about Spiderman again. Sure, I’ve been hurt over the last couple of years, but darn it I’m ready to love again. Then of course Marvel took some solid interest and responsibility for the hero’s cinematic ¬†future and suddenly my resolution got a whole lot easier. Still can’t eat lentils though. Have you tried them? They’re like tiny sand explosions.

Anyway, now that Spiderman is once again a hot property with all this unbridled potential, we need a new team to make the magic happen. Fortunately we might be very close to securing a new director for the gig. Empire reports that Marvel movie maker in residence Drew Goddard has expressed seniors interest in helming Spideys return to Marvel and is currently in talks with Sony higher up and Kevin Fiege.

Goddard has recently spent most of his Marvel man hours putting together the Sinister Six movie. This wouldn’t have been an easy task with Amazing Spiderman shooting poorly constructed crossbow bolts into his ass, not to mention the considerable hype Dc is getting for its own villainous analog Suicide Squad. Now that Spiderman is in play, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sinister Six takes a back seat for the time being so that Goddard can potentially focus on the hero – whether or not this will affect the overall schedule of release or have a knock on effect is anyone’s guess.

Goddard also has some experience working with uber nerd Joss Whedon on his subversive horror Cabin in the Woods. Let’s hope that Whedon passed on some sagely wisdom to young Goddard, because there’s no lack of pressure on him if he gets the job. Reimagining a superhero for the big screen is a cake walk compared to resurrecting one that’s already on screen. Just ask Josh Trank. No confirmation on Goddard as yet, but when we know, you’ll know.