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Read Steven Spielberg’s Fan-Mail to Dwayne Johnson

Let’s be honest, if you’re Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson – fake American wrestler turned real American sweetheart – your life is spectacularly insane at the best of times. You eat an insane amount of food, flex an insane amount of muscles, and you star in an insane amount of films. But when you start getting letters from legendary Hollywood directors praising your work out of the blue, that’s could be too much to handle, man.

The Wrap is reporting that Mr Johnson received a personal letter from none other than Steven Spielberg, and immediately lost a reasonable amount of his shit when the director complimented the actor on his work through the years.

Speaking to Esquire, Johnson said “It took me back to being just like a kid. I was so blown away.”

The letter went like this:

“Been enjoying your movies over the years. Very entertaining. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the years, most recently after watching you host ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Great job. You continue to go for it. Proud of your work and look forward to meeting you.”

I don’t know about you, but that  would be too awesome to bear. The two have never worked together before, but this could be a strong indication that Spielberg will be bringing Johnson on board for something in the future. Maybe not his Cold War drama that he’s currently directing, but I could definitely see Johnson in The BFG.
It’s definitely worth checking out Instagram to see Johnson reading the letter and doing what I can only imagine is the closest he can get to giggling.

Johnson has just made serious waves with disaster movie San Andreas and is currently starring in HBO show Ballers. As for the future, who could say? Well, Spielberg could presumably.

Dwayne Johnson in Talks to Cause “Big Trouble in Little China”

You could make pun after pun about The Rock‘s cinematic success over the past few years – how he’s broken out, rolled into Hollywood, built momentum and gathered a surprisingly small amount of moss. I’m not going to do those puns because it’s too easy and too weak: also it’s common knowledge that if you call Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” he’ll come to your house and make a hefty, protein rich sandwich out of your face.

In the works right now he’s got his upcoming HBO series Ballers, he’s cleaning up after the successful premiere of San Andreas, and let’s not forget his casting as Black Adam for DC and Warner Bros. Now we’re getting wind of a potential passion project for the action prodigy in the form of an 80’s cult classic.

Slashfilm is reporting that Johnson is in talks to star in a remake of the John Carpenter‘s quote-classic-end quote Big Trouble in Little China. For those of you not familiar with the film, it’s a comedy action film that does a hilarious tightrope walk between mystical martial arts and vest-wearing-American-action-hero-dudery. It’s a hard film to out your finger on, but once you realise what and what not to take seriously you’re fine.

Johnson himself is apparently a huge fan of the film, which is why he pitched the idea of a remake to 20th Century Fox with production partners Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia. Now they just need to determine if Johnson will definitely assume the role of Jack Burton, originally played by Kurt Russell. On paper it seems like an ideal casting. After all, Johnson is clearly a fan of the film, and he has more than enough experience with blending comedy and action seamlessly into a fine paste. And it’s not the first time that Johnson has played the macho headed fool, which Big Trouble‘s Jack Burton invariably is, despite believing himself to be the hero.

There are going to be some tricky calls when it comes to this remake. For starters part of the original’s charm is the goofy special effects combined with some pretty funky martial arts, paying lip service to the great Kung Fu flicks that preceded it. How will they fare with that balance this time around? Will they go all out with the cgi and the fighting choreography, creating some kind of 47 Ronin / John Wick hybrid? Yes, I realise they’re both Keanu Reeves films. No, Keanu Reeves has not been cast in this remake.

Alternatively they could stay on the comedic side, making more room for physical gags and callbacks to the original. Both sounds pretty dubious, so hopefully with Johnson on board they can find a good blend.

Who else would you like to see in a Big Trouble remake?

Dwayne Johnson takes a dramatic turn in “San Andreas” Trailer

A couple of days ago we saw a few photos from the set of Dwayne Johnson’s latest action film San Andreas. The photos were pretty unsurprising and showed little promise of a film that broke from the pack. But now we have a teaser trailer to sink our teeth into and therein lies a surprise too. Not in plot as much as tone. For an action film, especially a Dwayne Johnson action film, especially a Dwayne Johnson action film directed by Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), the teaser shies away from in your face action shots and instead opts for atmosphere. Take a look at the trailer, straight from Warner Bros:

As disaster films go, the trailer is pretty quiet, with a sombre “California Dreaming” cover floating around in the background. As refreshing as this is, it doesn’t guarantee that the film will follow suit. We still see wide-shots of unbelievable feats of destruction and Johnson seemingly commanding streets-worth of people to “get down!”. But if the film is in-keeping with the trailer, maybe we’ll get to see a new level of performance from Mr Johnson. San Andreas is in theatres May 29, 2015, and also stars also stars Carla Gugino , Alexandra Daddario , Ioan Gruffudd , Archie Panjabi , Hugo Johnstone-Burt , Art Parkinson and Paul Giamatti.

So, did the trailer shake you to your core?

Dwayne Johnson to the rescue in pictures from “San Andreas”

My April 2015 is certainly looking up since I found I get to see Dwayne Johnson glistening once again in Furious 7 (It’s not weird, he uses the same body oil as me). But just in case you’re worried that one film about gear-head bank-robbers turned vigilantes simply won’t be enough to satiate your craving for some Johnson-driven action, then it will make you even happier to know that San Andreas, the Brad Peyton feature that sees Johnson’s fire-fighter work alongside his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) to save his daughter (Alexandra Daddario) after an earthquake, comes out a month afterwards. But I know what you’re thinking, you need a little something to keep you going until then. Well, you could always watch Hercules again. Ok sorry, that wounds still fresh. So how about some images from the upcoming San Andreas? I thought that’d work! here are the photos from USA Today:

Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino. The next photo is Johnson and a dismembered arm.
Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino. The next photo is Johnson and a dismembered arm.
Rock + Top Gun = Rock Gun
Rock + Top Gun = Rock Gun
Majestic, angelic...the only words I would ever use to describe Johnson
Majestic, angelic…the only words I would ever use to describe Johnson
Celebrating director Brad Peyton's birthday.
Celebrating director Brad Peyton’s birthday.
Dwayne Johnson's daily workout of balancing a helicoptor on a pole whilst in mid-air.
Dwayne Johnson’s daily workout of balancing a helicoptor on a pole whilst in mid-air.

All joking and ogling aside, the images are pretty standard and don’t promise much more than any Johnson action flick offers. But hopefully we’ll find out more with the inbound trailer.

Enough Dwayne Johnson for you?