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Craig’s Bond Tuxes Up in New “Spectre” Poster

Daniel Craig promotes Spectre with an old school 007 look that would put Roger Moore himself to shame.

With only 8 weeks left until it’s release, the Spectre promo train keeps on rolling. This is normally a time reserved for TV spots and magazine spreads – nothing really worth reporting on. But the Spectre team has thrown a curve ball with a blast from the past in its new promo poster. Continue reading Craig’s Bond Tuxes Up in New “Spectre” Poster

James Bond is Back in Full Length New “Spectre” Trailer

Dada duuuh dada duuuh dada dadada! Yes, you guessed my excellent musical notation correctly! With October only an Aston Martin’s throw away, we’ll soon be sitting down to watch Daniel Craig kick ass as James Bond in Sam Mendes’ Spectre. If you had any doubt that you were going to love it, we have a full length trailer ready to totally win you over. Continue reading James Bond is Back in Full Length New “Spectre” Trailer

Sam Mendes will be Finished with Bond after “Spectre”… Probably

It’s fair to say that Sam Mendes is one of the main reasons that we’re all so excited about Spectre, the latest James Bond endeavour. The director’s first outing with 007 in 2012 with Skyfall was a shocking success, getting rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Not only that, Skyfall also pulled Bond out of a pretty deep trench that Quantum of Solace dropped him in. So we have a lot to be thankful to Sam Mendes for. But we may not be able to rely on our old faithful director to look after Bond for much longer.

Continue reading Sam Mendes will be Finished with Bond after “Spectre”… Probably

Things are Looking Chilly in New Set Photo from “Spectre”

Since the seemingly eons-long fanfare in the face that was the Sont hacking scandal, we really haven’t heard that much about Bond 24, or Spectre as all the cool kids are calling it…cool kids like Sam Mendes. But just because we haven’t heard anything doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on – it just means that nothing’s been going drastically wrong. Well now Deadline is reporting that we have a little heads up from the crew over at Spectre with a teasing photo of 007 himself Daniel Craig on set. When everything was announced late last year we heard a lot about the intense number of locations this film would be undertaking throughout production, so you’d expect something exotic. You’d be right, sort of. Check out the photo below, courtesy of Deadline:

Sooooo I’m gonna guess Switzerland? For those Bond aficionados out there you’ll certainly a glaring similarity between this image of Craig and George Lazenby‘s look in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Obviously Craig’s outfit is a little form-fitting, but that’s mainly because no one was really interested in seeing what Lazenby was packing in his trunks.

The hope at the end of the day is still that all of the creases revealed in the hacking scandal have been tentatively ironed out. It would be tempting to look at the setting of Spectre and have concerns that they’re going a little overboard. But let’s be good and stay away from such concerns, and enjoy this image for what it is: a dude in big sunglasses walking awkwardly through snow.

Craig is joined by fellow Skyfall stars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Wishaw, along with newcomers Monica Bellucci, Dave Bautista, Christoph Waltz and Andrew Scott joining the fun.

Spectre will be in cinemas in the UK on October 25th this year, so stick around!



“Spectre”and “Jurassic World” post pictures of their leading men looking…serious

As two of the most popular and recognisable franchises out there, Jurassic Park and James Bond have been getting a lot of press for their latest respective instalments. Sam Mendes recently had a live stream of his grand reveal of Bond 24’s new name (Spectre), new car (Aston Martin, shiny), and new cast (who is Christoph Waltz playing, and who is Andrew Scott really playing?). As for Jurassic World, we had a viral website pop up, along with a teaser trailer followed up by an ominous full length trailer.

But as we know not all press is good press. For every person still talking about what the name Spectre insinuates, three more are talking about the early draft script that was stolen from Sony along with emails that alluded to issues with the film. For the dinosaur camp there was nothing quite so severe, but there was considerable polarisation with the trailer that allegedly showed leading man Chris Pratt working with trained raptors.

Well, while the dinosaurs and the spies weather their own little storms, Screenrant reports that both have released some words – and pictures – of comfort in the lead up to Christmas. For Spectre, rumours have been squashed that the recent attack on Sony data will in any way interrupt Mendes’ filming schedule. And just to back that up, some photos from shooting have been revealed, along with a promo image for Daniel Craig and his shiny new automobile, courtesy of Screenrant:






So it looks like everything’s running as smoothly as possible for MI6. As for Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow confirmed that the raptors seen running alongside Pratt in his motorcycle are not really “tamed”: the set-up is more akin to the way real people work alongside dangerous predators in the real world. So it’s not as friendly or controlling as all that – there’s still a real element of danger there. Well, real in film terms. Just to show the kind of will they won’t they relationship Pratt’s character Owen has with the raptors, Trevorrow released an image of the dynamic duo, via Twitter via Screenrant:


Festive, right? This seems to be more like a staged shot than an actual still from the movie, so presumably in the film there won’t be as much of a reunited-but-still-hate-each-other boy band vibe.

So all is going well for both movies all things considered. Hopefully more info will be coming through as filming on Spectre continues and the release of Jurassic World on June 12th, 2015 looms. Spectre is still scheduled for a  November 6th, 2015 release.

Which sequel are you most looking forward to?