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Trailer for Nancy Spielberg’s Israeli Pilot Doc “Above and Beyond” Is Up and Away!

If you don’t know who Nancy Speilberg is, have a guess. That’s right, she’s Steven Spielberg’s sister, and is a film-maker in her own right. She has worked on a good few documentaries over the last few years, including Elusive Justice and Mimi and Donna.

Inkeeping with her historical bent, THR reports that Spielberg has produced Above and Beyond, a documentary that follows American pilots who came to the aid of Israel in it’s fight for independence. Many of the pilots were Jewish, and the story is made all the more incredible by the fact that these pilots had survived World War II, only to voluntarily fight in this other war three years later. There’s some intriguing footage and interviews in this trailer so have a look:

As a sucker for documentaries, this looks to be a great feature. Spielberg has definitely touched on a little known piece of both Israeli and American military history. The doc is directed by Roberta Grossman, a documentary native herself who has worked on Blessed Is The March and Homeland:Four Portraits of Native Action.

The film will première in New York on January 30th, 2015.