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“Gambit” Loses Director Rupert Wyatt

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes director bids adieu to the upcoming X-Men sideshow citing scheduling issues.

The problem with Star Wars and Marvel? They make multi project universes look simple to maintain. But that’s the only problem, I promise. For most studios, it’s not so straightforward. There’s been a lot of talk recently that Channing Tatum had plans to leave Gambit, the new spin off from Fox’s X-Men Universe. While there’s been no confirmation of Tatum’s move as yet, the project has a slightly different problem: turns out their director is leaving. Continue reading “Gambit” Loses Director Rupert Wyatt

“Planet of the Apes” Sequel Lands Gabriel Chavarria

Garbiel Chavarria will join a cast of CGI apes in a war of some kind…on a planet.

It goes without saying that when we watch either Rise or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we’re mostly just there for the apes. I mean come on, they’re warring, plotting, (sometimes) talking simians! You can’t out a price on that kind of entertainment. Continue reading “Planet of the Apes” Sequel Lands Gabriel Chavarria