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New Trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit”

Yesterday we were having a dignified ogle over the new posters for M Night Shyamalan’s latest venture The Visit, which depicted a very different kind of trip to see your grandparents.

We figured a trailer would be out pretty soon to capitalise on any intrigue from the posters, and wouldn’t you know it? The trailer came out today. The Visit is Shyamalan’s first rodeo with The Purge, Paranormal Activity and Insidious craftsman Jason Blume, so there was a good chance that wobbly cameras would around in this trailer,and they are. But instead of me saying what I thought would be in the trailer and then confirming I was right, why not let you watch it for yourselves? Check it out, courtesy of Deadline:

Not a bad bit of work. It definitely seems to be tilted in Blume’s favour, to the extent that you’d know for sure it was one of his but you wouldn’t necessarily think it was a Shyamalan pic. Is that a good thing? Quite possibly. The director could certainly benefit from taking things in a different direction, going in the direction that most other commercial horrors are going is a safe bet. Although it would be much more gratifying for Shyamalan to come back with something entirely different. Still, baby steps.

The film looks to cash in on an underused hor half the people in the film seems to know what’s going on (the grandparents) and the other half are hopelessly pumping them for information (everyone else).

The Visit stars Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie, Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould and Olivia DeJonge, and is scheduled for a September 11 release.

Will you be paying a visit?