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“Beyblade” Rights Nabbed by Paramount

Remember when you were a kid and you’d be watching Pokemon or Digimon or Yu gi oh or (insert Japanese sourced pop culture sensation here), and you’d think “oh my God I’d give my left Charmander to see this as a live action film on the big screen”. Remember when you stopped having ideas like that? If not, chances are you currently work at Paramount. That sounds like a dog at the studio and maybe it is, but like it or not they’ve made a lot of money from a lot of movies based on Hasbro lines like GI Joe and Transformers. Now it looks as though the studio is looking to do the same with Beyblade.

According to Deadline, Paramount has acquired the film rights to the Japanese cross-platform franchise. For those of you unfamiliar with Beyblade, it’s a toy line based on the idea of swappable, customisable battling tops with their own unique powers and personalities. Developed by Transformers creators Takaratomy, the line was brought into the Hasbro fold in 2001, with a second generation of toys in 2009 and a third planned for 2017.

Mary Parent will be producing the planned film with Disruption Entertainment, and that’s all we know for now. It’s gonna be a while before any more information comes to light, but considering the franchise has made around $2.5 billion worldwide, I’m guessing they’ll be going all out.

Liiiiiiiiiiiin! “Fast 5 + 6” Director Justin Lin to Helm “Star Trek 3”

See what I did in the title there? I made Lin look like Khan – Khaaaaan, right? Ah forget it.

So Star Trek 3 is finally out of its directorial death-grip following the exit of attached director Roberto Orci. Rumours circulated about issues with the plot but no official reason was every really given, let alone whether or not the split was affable.

But with endings come beginnings…not exactly the beginning that I was expecting but that’s OK. Deadline broke the exclusive that fast and furious director Justin Lin will be taking over from Orci to helm the sci-fi franchise.

Lin was on a lot of internet lists for who people thought could succeed Orci, but in spite of that Lin may seem like a strange choice. You could look at his career in the Fast and Furious franchise and paint it as an entirely different animal to J.J. Abrams‘ Star Trek…or any Star Trek for that matter. But I have to say I stand by the lists that Lin is a more than worthy director to take on the Trek (that’s what kids call Star Trek now…I didn’t say they were cool kids).

"Star Trek Into Darkness" grossed over $460 million internationally in 2013. No pressure Lin.
“Star Trek Into Darkness” grossed over $460 million internationally in 2013. No pressure Lin.


Say what you will about The Fast and the Furious, recently the franchise has hit a pretty good rhythm. The earlier films may not have been anything to write home about, but 5 and 6 have stepped into a realm of ridiculousness that whilst silly is undeniably entertaining. Also the one thing that shines through in those more recent films is that Lin of all people knows how to direct an action, and that has almost certainly been the saving grace of those films.

Plus, it’s not like Lin’s gonna have the same writers as the Fast and Furious films. Orci’s script is still in play, and he’s been involved in the revamp since the beginning.

According to Deadline, even though though was a list of directors being considered for the job, including Hot Fuzz‘s Edgar Wright, Lin was the only one offered job. Fortunately Lin has a gap in his schedule since his plans for a Bourne Legacy sequel will play second banana to a Bourne Identity sequel with Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass.

There is of course a potential chain reaction that comes out of Lin’s signing on for Star Trek, and that is the fate of the planned Fast and Furious finale. Will Lin be back for it?

Well in any case, Lin is a solid choice for StarTrek 3 in a director-only role, and it’ll be a blast to see him weave his action magic on the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Was Lin your top choice?