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6 Kickass Documentaries about Disastrous Movies

From Citizen Kane to Troll 2, we’ve put together some of our favourite documentaries about movie-making horror stories. Read more after the jump.

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Orson Welles’ “The Other Side of the Wind” Heads to Indiegogo for Funding

There’s something utterly cockle warming about the immense contributions from fans to see Super Troopers 2 get off the ground and into production. Projects like this serve as a spring board for other indie or cult ambitions that would otherwise get lost in failed pitches and unanticipated costs. But now it looks as though a far from indie project will be looking for crowd funding, this time from one of the most famous and most dead 20th century film makers.

Deadline is reporting that the final unfinished project from Orson Welles will be moving to Indiegogo to try and secure 2 million in funding to get the film finished. The Other Side of the Wind originally began shooting in 1970 and underwent legendary scheduling issues that took shooting up until 1976.

Originally intended as Welles’ US come back after working in Europe, the film went unfinished until his death in 1985. On the plus side it did free him up to voice Omnicron in the animated Transformers movie.

The plan for re-release has been in the works for a good few months now, and while originally intended to be released on May 6th (Welles’ 100th birthday) it requires some additional funding to complete editing and scoring work.

So if you’re interested, here’s the link. If you’re not, then give the money to Terry Gilliam, he’s been pretty quiet recently. If not Gilliam, then buy yourself a sandwich – go on, you’ve earned it winner.