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‘Booster Gold’ Movie in the Works from ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ Co-Creator

Greg Berlanti has confirmed he’ll be bringing time-traveling show-off Booster Gold to the big screen. Will the style of the TV shows be coming with him? Read more after the jump.  Continue reading ‘Booster Gold’ Movie in the Works from ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ Co-Creator

Batman vs Superman SDCC Trailer – You’re Welcome Forever

Remember how excited everyone got when we heard the first teaser for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer came out? Remember how you nearly had to throw your undies immediately in the bin next to your desk when you saw the trailer leaked online in Spanish? And then you got to see the real thing the very next day! Remember all that? Well you’re about to flush out of your memory because the full length trailer for Dawn of Justice is here, and it will blow the roof off your soul, folks!

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“Batman v Superman” Will Get the Kryptonite Treatment!

If there’s a binary of the Incredible Hulk in the DC Universe, it is without a doubt the badass element kryptonite. Why? Because it’s green, it doesn’t say much and it makes some of the strongest heroes look like jittery wimps of the highest calibre. What? Solomon Grundy? No, shut up, it’s kryptonite. Anyway, when will we get a chance to see the DC Hulk in action? A lot sooner than you think, if the reporters that be are to be believed. Continue reading “Batman v Superman” Will Get the Kryptonite Treatment!

What Was I Wearing!? Routh and Cavill in Original Screen Tests for “Superman: Flyby”

It’s gotten to a point with superman films where the films that have been made are just as interesting as the films that haven’t. The crazy costumes, the mind-bending plots, the out-there scripts that get fought for tooth and nail but eventually get tossed into a vault of parallel universe comic book movies. So what we get left with is a situation where two or three times a month you’ll be chatting to someone about comic book movies and they’ll say “did you know that Nicholas Cage came really close to playing superman?” Yes of course you do because you’ve heard it 100 times already. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good tidbit, but it’s wearing a little thin. Well now there’s a brand spanking new tidbit to toss around the water cooler!

Screenrant has reported on some new photographs that have come to light from the long-dead superman project Superman: Flyby. The film was one step in a long line of reinventions that would eventually become the lacklustre Superman Returns (which I still sort of love). Flyby was set to completely revitalise the brand and give supes a whole new look, including a more futuristic-looking costume. So why do we care? Because we can now see images of two actors who were screen tested for the role. A couple of relative unknowns called Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill. That’s right! Years before either of them would don the cape for their respective depictions, both superman actors were courted for Flyby. Check them out, courtesy of ThinkMcflyThink.com:

Superman_Routh_Flyby 2 SUPERMAN_FLYBY_CAVILL


As you can see, Cavill has a considerably more fabulous hairdo than he has in Man of Steel, while Routh looks…well Routh looks pretty much identical to the way he looks in Returns. They’re both sporting the metallic, exo-skeletal armour that was set to overtake the traditional spandex before the project was scrapped.

Routh would go on to star in the film’s final incarnation Superman Returns in 2005, while Cavill would have to wait until 2014 before he’d get to put the tights on again. Although it looks as though it was worth the wait since Cavill will be the face of superman for the foreseeable future. But Routh can’t really complain: he’s rejoined the DC fold as The Atom in the hit TV series Arrow, and I’d be very surprised if his role didn’t get considerably juicier before the show finishes. Still, I’m sire both actors look back on those days and wonder about the potentially fatal superman movie that could have been.

Who do you think should have starred in Flyby?