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New Mustachioed Still for Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”

Marvel may be foregoing their usual Comic Con appearance, but that’s no reason to be underwhelmed by the upcoming convention. For starters, Quentin Tarantino is going to be taking up residence with his new movie The Hateful Eight. We can expect to see a trailer or two when the panels start up, but why don’t we have have a peek at a still before we do? Continue reading New Mustachioed Still for Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”

Dwayne Johnson in Talks to Cause “Big Trouble in Little China”

You could make pun after pun about The Rock‘s cinematic success over the past few years – how he’s broken out, rolled into Hollywood, built momentum and gathered a surprisingly small amount of moss. I’m not going to do those puns because it’s too easy and too weak: also it’s common knowledge that if you call Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” he’ll come to your house and make a hefty, protein rich sandwich out of your face.

In the works right now he’s got his upcoming HBO series Ballers, he’s cleaning up after the successful premiere of San Andreas, and let’s not forget his casting as Black Adam for DC and Warner Bros. Now we’re getting wind of a potential passion project for the action prodigy in the form of an 80’s cult classic.

Slashfilm is reporting that Johnson is in talks to star in a remake of the John Carpenter‘s quote-classic-end quote Big Trouble in Little China. For those of you not familiar with the film, it’s a comedy action film that does a hilarious tightrope walk between mystical martial arts and vest-wearing-American-action-hero-dudery. It’s a hard film to out your finger on, but once you realise what and what not to take seriously you’re fine.

Johnson himself is apparently a huge fan of the film, which is why he pitched the idea of a remake to 20th Century Fox with production partners Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia. Now they just need to determine if Johnson will definitely assume the role of Jack Burton, originally played by Kurt Russell. On paper it seems like an ideal casting. After all, Johnson is clearly a fan of the film, and he has more than enough experience with blending comedy and action seamlessly into a fine paste. And it’s not the first time that Johnson has played the macho headed fool, which Big Trouble‘s Jack Burton invariably is, despite believing himself to be the hero.

There are going to be some tricky calls when it comes to this remake. For starters part of the original’s charm is the goofy special effects combined with some pretty funky martial arts, paying lip service to the great Kung Fu flicks that preceded it. How will they fare with that balance this time around? Will they go all out with the cgi and the fighting choreography, creating some kind of 47 Ronin / John Wick hybrid? Yes, I realise they’re both Keanu Reeves films. No, Keanu Reeves has not been cast in this remake.

Alternatively they could stay on the comedic side, making more room for physical gags and callbacks to the original. Both sounds pretty dubious, so hopefully with Johnson on board they can find a good blend.

Who else would you like to see in a Big Trouble remake?

Check Out a New Teaser for Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”

Quentin Tarantino strikes me as a ballsy kind of guy. That’s the impression I get from his movies at least. In recent years he’s taken a samurai sword to realistic tellings of World War 2 and American slavery, creating brutally cartoonish worlds populated with mad heroes and warped monsters alike. That’s all well and good, but it takes someone with real cojones to release a teaser trailer the day after a Star Wars trailer AND a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser. You heard me right.

Screenrant is reporting that the Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs creator has released the first real look at his latest project The Hateful Eight. The quasi-Western had its fair share of bumps in the road, with Tarantino postponing release after scripts had been circulated without his knowing. After that, hopes were lifted with a live read-through of the same script. Not long after that the project was back in business. Here’s a look at the teaser, courtesy of Screenrant:

Well it wasn’t the longest or most descriptive thing in the world, but you’ve got to respect it all the same. No one is saying that Tarantino isn’t a Hollywood heavy hitter, but people can only focus on so many things at once and trying to promote your teaser while Harrison Ford is saying “Chewie, we’re home” and bat cowls are fading in to ominous chords. Why give yourself the competition?

It could very well be that this was always going to be the time when the teaser would be released and all the other surprise reveals just happened to fall around it, so instead of rescheduling they stuck to their six shooters and released the teaser on time. Could this mean that more material will be coming our way soon? Are we on a strict regiment of The Hateful Eight news now? We can’t be sure for the moment, but it sure is nice to have a teaser for it. Even though the teaser tells us very little, it tells us enough to keep us confident.

Fox Obtains Rights for Carpenter Classic “Escape From New York”

For people who grew up in the 80’s, certain films that came out of that decade are untouchable. You can’t criticise them, you can’t not watch them when they’re on TV and you most certainly can’t remake them. It’ always action films with a heavy-hitting action star at the helm, and you either love it or you go home. I spite of that, there’s always been one film that received constant remake attention, and one that we’ve all been anticipating for good or ill. That film is Escape From New York. Well folks, after a few years of nothing happening, another chess piece has been moved and Fox has obtained the rights to the franchise.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the film, Escape from New York was a 1981 science fiction action film from John Carpenter. Set in 1997, the films follows Kurt Russell as former soldier Snake Plissken, who goes in search of the President after his plane crash landed in New York. The only problem is that New York is now a city-wide maximum security prison. How cool is that? Actually hang on a minute, I just-I gotta go watch Escape From New York  again.

The original poster for "Escape From New York", complete with Kurt Russell wearing the shit out of an eye-patch
The original poster for “Escape From New York”, complete with Kurt Russell wearing the shit out of an eye-patch

Ok I’m back. Man, what a great movie that was. The good news for remake doubters is that Carpenter will be coming back as an executive producer, and Carpenter’s all about protecting his intellectual property. So you can bet that the remake won’t completely ruin the original forever at least. Besides, he already made most of his mistakes with the 1996 sequel Escape From LA. There’s no word on casting or filming yet as the rights have only just been obtained, but hopefully we’ll start seeing some momentum and before you know it we’ll have a brand new Plissken on the big screen. Or maybe Kurt Russell will come back – how cool would that be? In any case, we’ll be on the look-out for even the faintest update.

Are you jonesing for some Plissken?