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Paul Fieg Shows Off His”Ghostbusters”‘s Pimpin’ New Ecto-1

Bless Paul Feig‘s cotton socks. The director has successfully gotten out ahead of surprise leaked photos from the set of his Ghostbusters reboot. How? By releasing photos that hold infinitely more pop culture stock than a slightly blurred Kristen Wiig walking expressionless from somewhere to someplace. Continue reading Paul Fieg Shows Off His”Ghostbusters”‘s Pimpin’ New Ecto-1

Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” – Monday Trailer Madness!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Interstellar landed in cinemas and made us all feel like idiots. So how about something a little different but undeniably spacey? Matt Damon had his own little twists and psychological mores to contribute to Nolan’s epic, and now he’s going back for more Ridley Scott‘s The Martian – and we’ve got a trailer.

Scott’s latest scifi and first film since Exodus: Gods and Kings follows Damon as an astronaut on the first manned voyage to Mars who gets left behind and is forced to survive until he can get a distress message back to earth. Why don’t I let Jeff Daniels explain the rest? I should clarify, Daniels stars in the film, he’s not currently writing for us. Here’s the trailer, fresh from YouTube:

Not too shabby. The film, based on Andy Weir‘s novel is definitely something a little bit different, and looks more akin to Castaway than Apollo 13. There’s also a rarity for Scott on this latest project in the form of tongue in cheek humour, with Damon announcing to his log that he’s going to have to “science the shit out of this” in order to survive at least four years on a planet where nothing grows.

Also starring Daniels, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and Kristen Wiig, The Martian hits theatres on October 2nd. Sound good to you?

First Set Photos From Feig’s Ghostbusters Reboot

Set photos from the set of the Ghostbusters reboot – do we want them or don’t we?

Unofficial set photos have become something of a cornerstone in movie news. Often times the circulation of shots taken by wayward bystanders reveals things we want to know but in an entirely unfulfilled context. Nearly all the news coming out of the Captain America 3 camp is blurred Dutch angle photos revealing more of the plot, and sneaky snaps have all but ruined any chance Suicide Squad has of surprising us – though I still hope Ayer’s got a secret weapon in the chamber. Sometimes, however, set photos can be a good thing, especially when a frozen second of filming raises more questions than it answers – at least that keeps the conversation bubbling.

That’s the case with the shots taken in the set of Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters, which just began shooting this week. Not only do we get a look at how the all female cast is gonna look in the film, but it also leaves a lot of facts open to interpretation, and that’s what we like here. After all, no one likes a know-it-all.

With that in mind, check out the photos below, courtesy of Screen Rant:

gb1 gb2

Nothing too damaging there right? Kristen Wiig certainly looks the part as the supernaturally inclined college professor,with an air of either decorum or discomfort. Either way it should play well off Melissa McCarthy, who’s got a more casual, Wenkman style look going on with what looks to be a spectre containment device in tow. The real questions coming out these photos are about Kate McKinnon, who looks like she wandered off of the Tank Girl set shooting a block over. Is she going to be wildly unpredictable, aggressive, a bit flaky. Whichever way it goes the SNL alumnist will undoubtedly make it work.

No sign of Leslie Jones as yet, but doubtless she’s going to round out this quartet nicely with her own delightful and potentially self-destructive qualities.

There, that was some nice wholesome speculation, right? But that’s not all. There are other set photos that show Wiig visiting the science institute. Could she be investigating something spooky? If so, could this be a call back to Eleanor Twitty, the library dwelling ghost from the first Ghostbusters film? Yeah, probably not, I’m just fuelling the speculation fire. Enjoy the toasted marshmallows of suspicion and doubt.

Chris Hemsworth Will Be a Receptionist in Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters”

Chris Hemsworth has been showing off a lot of his comedy chops recently. Along with a surplus of at times uncomfortable goofing and punnery in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the action star welded an impressive comedic weapon during his stint as host on Saturday Night Live. And let’s hot forget his upcoming role in the new Vacation reboot as a very well-endowed sex-God husband. Well that’s not where it stops, because Screen Rant is reporting that old Hemmy will be joining the cast of Paul Feig‘s new Ghostbusters instalment.

The star of Thor and Thor 2: The Hammering (working title) is set to play the receptionist to the latest set of recruits. You may remember that this role was originally played by Annie Potts in the 1984 original. Potts’ nasal, bespectacled administrator shared some choice romantic moments with Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis, so can we expect to see Hemsworth falling for one of the new Ghostbusters?

He’ll be in familiar company I’m any case, reuniting with SNL cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon who star as the new recruits along with Feig favourites Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

This won’t be Hemsworth’s first comedy horror rodeo. You might remember his stint in Joss Whedon‘s The Cabin in the Woods. Will we be seeing Hemsworth slinging on a proton pack with the girls when the ectoplasm hits the fan? Maybe, but it might be Fu nicer seeing him firmly stapled to his desk.

Ghostbusters will be in theatres July 22nd.


Ferrell and Wiig Lifetime Movie “A Deadly Adoption” is A-Go

Well this is certainly a turn-up for the books. You may have heard bits and pieces about a top secret project that was being undertaken by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in the form of a Lifetime movie, and how it had been pulled by Lifetime when information about the TV movie leaked to the press. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that was 50% bogus. Oh don’t worry, there was a Lifetime movie in the works, but it is in fact going ahead. That was the top secret secret!

For those of you outside of the US who aren’t familiar with Lifetime, it’s an American channel that specialises in TV movies depicting strangely dramatic biographies or original dramas, usually starring out of work TV actors. Well what did you think Melissa John Hart was doing until they reboot Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Anyway, turns out Ferrell is an enormous fan of Lifetime movies and has made one of his own with Adam McKay and Gary Sanchez Productions, called A Deadly Adoption. It looks to be a spoof of all the classic TV drama tropes, with Ferrell and Wiig starring as a couple who take care of a young pregnant woman with the hopes of adopting her baby. Things don’t go to plan. The young woman will be played by Jessica Lowndes of 90210 fame (sorry Melissa).

The script is written by Andrew Steele, who worked with Ferrell and Wiig on the IFC miniseries The Spoils of Babylon.

It should be a fun, tongue in cheek sort of a project, steering clear of any blunt, obvious or cruel gags at the expense of Lifetime, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year; and it’ll certainly be a treat to see Ferrell and Wiig on the small screen together again.
A Deadly Adoption will air on June 20th. You heard it here, in spite of this not really being movie news.

Paul Feig Reveals Why He Chose an All-Female “Ghostbusters” Reboot

Things have been a teensy bit quiet in the Ghostbusters camp recently. Obviously that’s to be expected since the sizzle of the news that an all female Ghostbusters reboot in the works can really only be followed up by the steak of trailers, stills, and of course the actual film – and that’s all a long way down the road. Paul Feig, who is taking the helm on the latest bustin’ instalment, has just finished work on the promotion trail for Spy, so he won’t be getting back in the chair for a while yet.

However, Slashfilm is reporting that while Feig was speaking to the press and whatever you call online publications – the keys I guess? – he took a moment to talk about why this particular incarnation appealed to him as opposed to a good old fashioned sequel to the original franchise. Here’s what he said:

“I had been contacted several times about doing a sequel for Ghostbusters and I just kept turning it down because I didn’t know how to do it. The scripts had been written, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I wasn’t excited about it.

So finally, one day I was like, it’s a great franchise and it’s a great idea, if I was going to do it, how would I do it? And then I thought, if I could put four women in the lead roles, that’s exciting to me. That I know how to do, and I know how to make that funny. And there’s so many funny women I’ve been dying to work with. Obviously Melissa and Kristen are in it, but then Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, who are so funny. It just seemed like the way to do it.

Then I thought, I’d rather do it as a reboot so I’m not tied to the old movies. The old movies are so good, I didn’t want to mess with them. And I also want to see the beginnings of this group. I want to see people seeing ghosts for the first time, and how they’re going to fight them for the first time, how they develop their technology. So it just got very exciting to me. I just like working with funny women, and that’s all I really like to do with my career.”

So it looks as though the main reason the new Ghostbusters is female driven is because Feig likes working with funny women. This might seem fleeting, cavalier even, but really it’s the best explanation for everyone: there’s been a lot of aggressive significance tied to the use of a female cast in this reboot, leading to the choice of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones garnering a lot more attention than the news of the film itself. Now it looks as though it’s all unfounded – Feig just likes the actresses and the knew he could write them a Ghostbusters film.

More importantly, the fact that this incarnation of the Ghostbusters took the prize with so many others falling at Feig’s feet can only be a good thing: either it’s the best choice script and story-wise, or it’s the best choice for Feig to direct the ectoplasm out of it.

Scheduled release for the Ghostbusters reboot as it stands is July 22nd, 2016.


Catch Wiig, Wilson and Galifianakis in “Masterminds” Teaser Trailer

You may remember that we were talking about Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess recently regarding his upcoming stint at Disney with Overnight at 42nd Street. But before we see what Hess will make of the plush cuddly corporation, there’s another project that’s coming up for release real soon. And from the looks of it, I’m not sure this one will be Disney friendly.
The project is called Masterminds, and stars Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis. It’s a heist movie of sorts. With heist movies there are normally two kinds: you have your polished, twist filled style pieces like Ocean’s Eleven; and you have your bumbling buffoonery tales, like every Ocean’s Eleven sequel. Mastermind takes its cues from the latter but takes the mayhem in a different sort of direction. While the plan is left to a group of idiots, they actually manage to pull of the heist with some aplomb. And that’s where the trouble starts. But why am I telling you all this? There’s a perfectly good teaser trailer not one paragraph away!
Here’s the trailer, courtesy of YouTube:

An interesting looking beast I’m sure you’ll agree. A perfect comedy it certainly looks isn’t, but the talent is definitely there and there’s ideal opportunity for some off the books riffing between them. The question remains whether or not they will pull it off. The film I mean, not the heist.
The film is written by Jody Hill and Danny McBride of Eastbound and Down fame and will get a release in August 7th.
Are you in?

Kristin Wiig Strikes it Lucky With “Welcome To Me”

Let’s be honest…heartfelt indie comedies and Will Ferrell/Adam McKay engine Gary Sanchez Productions don’t really go together. But fortunately Kristin Wiig and heartfelt indie comedies go together like Chris Pratt and commercially productive weight loss. Harsh? Maybe, but this isn’t about you Chris Pratt!

The project I’m dancing around is Welcome To Me, which sees Wiig as a socially blank woman who happens to win about $90 million and wants to do something big with it. So she buys herself a talk show and puts her small personality on the small screen. The plot is mad and Wiig looks adorably whacky as the lead, so have a look for yourself, courtesy of Film Divider at Vimeo.

Welcome To Me looks to turn the traditional awkward-indie-girl set-up on its head and Wiig is a dependable set of shoulders on which to set that responsibility. So before she gets involved with the Ghostbusters reboot alongside Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy it will be a treat to see her help Gary Sanchez Productions open up some new comedic channels.

They’ve had a couple of misses with female-led comedies with titles like Bachelorette and the imploding Tammie, but this looks to be a far stronger contender. Directed by Shira Piven, the film also stars James Marsden, We Bentley, Joan Cusack and Tim Robbins as Wiig’s combative therapist.