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Watch Will Ferrell “Get Hard” with Kevin Hart

Ok, so Anchorman2: The Legend Continues wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. To be fair, it was cracked up to be a hell of a lot. But that doesn’t mean Will Ferrell can’t still get it done on screen. He was a delight in The Lego Movie both in human and lego form, and now his face is back full time with his new trailer Get Hard, with fellow comedian Kevin Hart. We already had a poster circulating for the comedy about a hedge fund manager (Ferrell) who gets involved with a spot of embezzling and faces ten years in prison. Hart plays the nice guy who has the misfortune of being the only black person Ferrell knows, and is therefore forced to prep him for prison life. The problem? Hart knows as little about prison as Ferrell does. There are a lot of classic comic tropes in the plot but the trailer’s got tonnes of fresh energy to it. Check it out, courtesy of Slashfilm:

There’s a solid dose of physical comedy in the trailer, which plays on the strengths of both Ferrell and Hart as well as the considerable physical difference between them. It looks like the film becomes a competition of who’s the bigger idiot with no clear winner. We could have a winner on our hands here. Not of Oscars of course, but maybe of my boundless affection.

Written and directed by Etan (not Ethan) Cohen (not Coen), the cast also includes Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson, Paul Ben-Victor and T.I.

So does this trailer get you…nope sorry, can’t make that joke, just can’t do it.

Watch Chris rock be funny in “Top Five” red band trailer

It’s always a nice change of pace when comic actors take and introspective look at fame and the nature of their industry. Adam Sandler had a fair crack at it in Funny People and Michael Keaton’s deconstruction of fame in Birdman is still generating praise and awards. Now, watch Chris Rock take a more light-hearted, raunchy approach in the red band trailer for his writing, acting and directorial project Top Five, straight from Clevver News:

The film follows Rock’s character Andre Allen, a stand-up turned Hollywood star who takes another look at his lavish life while being covered by Rosario Dawson’s budding journalist. It looks to be a great platform for Rock, not to mention pretty damn funny. It’s nice to see Tracy Morgan on screen given the news that he may not be acting following his road accident. It’s a stand-out cast including Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart,  Cedric the Entertainer, J.B. Smoove, Sherri Shepherd, Anders Holm, Romany Malco, Leslie Jones, Michael Che and Jay Pharoah. Wide release will be 12th December.

What do you think of the trailer?