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“Point Break” Remake Gets a Trailer and a Poster, But Not a New Name

When rumours first abounded in 2011 of a potential remake of the 80s sensation Point Break, the response was, in a word, mild. Something about digging the Keanu Reeves Patrick Swayze cops and robbers flock out of its presentable grave and kicking it back to life just wasn’t doing it for modern moviegoers. That isn’t to say that Point Break isn’t a popular film, quite the contrary. But as with all films that are products of their time, this film is caught between its then success and a current need for action heavy audience bait. The result? A modern day Point Break.

Granted, you can’t hold an action movie up to much critical scrutiny, certainly not if it’s doing its job well. But just have a look at this trailer and decide whether it was worth calling the film Point Break at all, given its clear dilution of the original plot to make room for more recent extreme sports. Check it out, courtesy of Screen Rant:

As an action movie in its own right, not too bad. Actors Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez are holding up their ends of the bargain as respective enemies turned bros turned enemies again on opposite sides of the law. But as a Point Break remake? Ridiculous! There’s a poster too if you’re interested:


Compare this poster to that of the regional which clearly focused on Johnny Utah and Brodhi as opposed to the sports they partook of.
The connections between the two films are paper thin, and guaranteed that’s going to be at the forefront of half the movie going public’s mind, making it near impossible to appeal to fans of the original that would otherwise have given it a half decent chance.
That… Or no one will care. What do I know?

Point Break will be in cinemas on Christmas Day 2015.

New Trailer for Eli Roth’s “Knock Knock” Starring Keanu Reeves

Get out your dream journals kids, because Eli Roth‘s new movie finally has a trailer. The gristly horror director had a good run in 2014 despite some setbacks with cannibalism project Green Inferno,  and Clown on which he served as producer. Now he’s hitting the ground running in 2015 with something a little closer to home.

The Wrap is reporting that Knock Knock, Roth’s latest project, has its first full trailer release from Lionsgate, giving a peek into the life of a family man who invites two seemingly stranded women into his home, only to be seduced, held hostage and tortured by them. Interested? Course you are you dang weirdo. Here’s the trailer, courtesy of The Wrap:

Well that was disturbing. The film definitely has that down home Eli Roth flavour, with his exposed nerve style of horror. Keanu Reeves is stepping things up after the entertaining but at times wooden John Wick with what appears to be a convincingly desperate man who’s family picked the wrong weekend to leave town. The psychotic girls are played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas.

Roth directs and wrote the script with Aftershock cowriters Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoeba.

This film could be terrifying, but it could also be the best thing to ever happen to the institution of marriage.

Will you be answering the door?