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Scott Cooper Circled to Direct “American Wolf”

The Black Mass director is being wooed to take a crack at American Wolf, a true story of public shaming… it has wolves too.

There was a lot of course verge recently about a certain mad dentist shooting a certain beloved lion. While this may seem like a media anomaly, it’s not the first time that the accidental killing of a protected animal has caused public outcry. If you need proof, director Scott Cooper is being courted to direct a biopic about such an event. Continue reading Scott Cooper Circled to Direct “American Wolf”

Trailer Trash: Johnny Depp’s Licensed to Fail in “Mortdecai” UK Trailer

Hey, you know that fool-proof plan if you have a film that’s getting negative press before it even comes out, when you bring out a trailer that has everyone in the film badmouthing the main character to seem all self-aware and post-modern? No, neither do we.

That seems to be the only explanation for the first UK Trailer for spy-comedy Mortdecai, starring the previously-incomparable-but-now-increasingly-comparable Johnny Depp. That’s the hope at least, because if this is a cut of all the best bits from director David Koepp’s latest Depp project (they worked together previously on Secret Window), then it’s going to be an unbearable 90+ minutes. But hey, why am I ruining it for you? Take a look for yourself, courtesy of Webzine Check:

It’s not that bad. You can see what they’re trying to do – they just don’t do it. The most disappointing thing about this project is that it seems to be taking a lot of good people with it. Sure there’s Depp, who’s like a daredevil motorcyclist trying to find the riskiest, most unstable films to vault himself into, but there’s also Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany and Olivia Munn. All fine actors, clearly doing their best, but it looks like this turd might be beyond polishing. But fingers crossed, right? It would certainly be nice to see Depp make a dramatic return to form. I’m just not sure that it’ going to be with Mortdecai. Release is January 23rd, 2015. Go on, give it a go.