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Cast Shot for “Suicide Squad” Read Through

Up until now, the cast list for David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad has been a bit of a patchwork. Actors like Tom Hardy have signed in and signed off with replacements like Joel Kinnaman filling the gaps, all the while Killer Crocs and Amanda Wallers are being slapped onto the edges. It sure would be nice to see an image of the actor’s officially rolling up their sleeves, and not just crude homemade Google images of Jared Leto with bleached skin and slightly green hair. Well fortunately Ayer has delivered the goods and offered up a family Christmas card of sorts.

Empire is reporting that read-throughs for the script that follows a cavalcade of Batman baddies taking on impossible missions for the government have already begun. Just to prove it, Ayer tweeted this photo of the whole Suicide Squad gang, excluding Jared Leto who was probably out on a burrito run. Here’s the shot, courtesy of Twitter:


So let’s do a quick run through of the names we know. There’s Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flagg), Will Smith (Deadshot), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), Jay Hernandez (unknown), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jai Courtney (Boomerang), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Karen Fukuhara (unknown) and Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), and let’s not forget Ayer himself.

You may have noticed that there are a couple of new faces in the mix that haven’t been mentioned before. Doubtless their characters have been left nameless to keep the rumour fires burning. In case you don’t recognise them, we have Ike Barinholtz, and Adam Beach. Barinholtz was last seen in Bad Neighbours, while Beach may be best known for Law & Order: SVU.

It’s certainly a treat to see the whole gang (most of the gang) together with scripts in hand. But they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them if they’re gonna hit that August 5th 2016 release date. Lets hope all goes smoothly.


Watch Liam Neeson in Latest Thriller “Run All Night” Trailer

It’s finally here – the trailer for Taken 4!

Oh wait, never mind. If you had any inclination that this month’s Taken 3  would be Liam Neeson‘s action-thriller swan song, then you couldn’t more wrong. The latest feature in Neeson’s “I’ve still got it, you muscular young punks” tour is Run All Night, which sees Neeson with a mysterious, violent past and a neglected family that he now has to protect…hey, that sounds familiar. Not too familiar though because this time he’s a retired member of a mob family that has turned on him after he killed a former associate’s son. But to be fair, Neeson only did it because the kid was trying to kill his son. Sorry, I don’t know why I’m trying to justify Liam Neeson’s violent streak. Just watch the trailer, fresh from JoBlo.com:

So, action and thrills as standard. This project will look familiar because the director is Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed Neeson in Unknown and Non-Stop. But it looks like there could be a few sharp edges that we won’t be expecting. One of the mobsters appears to be wearing Google glasses too, so it should be fun watching him try to act natural with them without looking like a borg. Ed Harris stars as Neeson’s latest arch-nemesis, along with Joel Kinnaman as his son who reluctantly accepts his help. Also starring are Nick Nolte and Vincent D’Onofrio. This project will hit theatres April 17th.

Ready to see more of Neeson’s particular skills?