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First Look at Nathalie Portman in the Long-Delayed “Jane Got A Gun”

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between a project that is long-awaited and a project that has just been delayed for a long time and isn’t really that anticipated. Jane Got A Gun is a project that falls into that kind of confusion. Along with lawsuits galore, the film’s had three different release dates: last summer, February 2015 and now the latest and most solid release of September this year. Well it’s a good sign for those who have been anticipating this project as we now have official images from the project that stars Nathalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. Here are some shots for your perusal, fresh from the Screen Crush oven:

Jane-Got-a-Gun-1 Jane-Got-a-Gun-2 Jane-Got-a-Gun-3 Jane-Got-a-Gun-4 Jane-Got-a-Gun-5

Now this project may very well have been a long-awaited project in its original incarnation, with We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay and Michael Fassbender as the antagonist, but when talks broke down the delays began. Ramsay gave way to Warrior director Gavin O’Connor and Fassbender gave way to McGregor.

That’s not to say that this won’t be a good project. Granted there are a lot of pictures of Portman looking a little bit disappointed, but there will certainly be more to this film than the shots are suggesting. I mean, there’s a guy on fire after all!

Along with Portman and McGregor, Jane Got A Gun also stars Joel Edgerton, Rodrigo Santoro, Noah Emmerich and Boyd Holbrook. release is set for September 4th, and hopefully it will stick this time around.

Excited for Jane to get gunning?