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The Martian Review: More Armageddon than Interstellar

With The Martian, space-fonz Ridley Scott has once again found new ways to make the final frontier cool. So what’s the secret ingredient this time?

These are the voyages of astronaut Mark Watney. His continuing mission, to survive a ballsed-up mission to Mars that left him stranded and presumed dead by NASA. To seek out new ways to make space survival seem exciting and innovative. To boldly go ahead and kick-start Ridley Scott’s reputation. I think it’s safe to say I crushed that intro parody. So let’s go ahead and talk The Martian.

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Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” – Monday Trailer Madness!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Interstellar landed in cinemas and made us all feel like idiots. So how about something a little different but undeniably spacey? Matt Damon had his own little twists and psychological mores to contribute to Nolan’s epic, and now he’s going back for more Ridley Scott‘s The Martian – and we’ve got a trailer.

Scott’s latest scifi and first film since Exodus: Gods and Kings follows Damon as an astronaut on the first manned voyage to Mars who gets left behind and is forced to survive until he can get a distress message back to earth. Why don’t I let Jeff Daniels explain the rest? I should clarify, Daniels stars in the film, he’s not currently writing for us. Here’s the trailer, fresh from YouTube:

Not too shabby. The film, based on Andy Weir‘s novel is definitely something a little bit different, and looks more akin to Castaway than Apollo 13. There’s also a rarity for Scott on this latest project in the form of tongue in cheek humour, with Damon announcing to his log that he’s going to have to “science the shit out of this” in order to survive at least four years on a planet where nothing grows.

Also starring Daniels, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and Kristen Wiig, The Martian hits theatres on October 2nd. Sound good to you?

Beware the First Trailer for “Crimson Peak”

I’ll tell you what, it’s been a long time coming. Say what you will about past mainstream Guillermo Del Toro projects, they were never shy of a decent helping of publicity. But when it comes to his latest project Crimson Peakwe’ve has very little to go on apart from a few set photos. Now Apple has been kind enough to release an official trailer for the classical ghost story, and suddenly the level of media quiet makes a lot more sense. Despite this being a classic Del Toro tour of wild imaginative horror, it certainly looks to be a quieter, more emotional sort of film in places. Hopefully the balance will play out well in the story of a newly-wed girl moving into the grand, foreboding house of her new husband and his sister. But why am I telling you? Have a look for yourself, courtesy of Apple:

It seems a little premature to start calling Crimson Peak Del Toro’s masterpiece, but there looks to be a strong enough sinister streak to make this a worthy addition to his canon. Written collectively by Del Toro, Matthew Robbins and Lucina Coxon, the film stars Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hiddleston.

Will you be making the climb to Crimson Peak?

First Official Look at Tom Hiddleston in Del Toro’s Fiendish “Crimson Peak”

Honestly, I was hoping that Guillermo Del Toro would go the whole hog with the marketing campaign for his latest horror flick Crimson Peak and do it just like Pacific Rim. We’d see huge posters draped across buildings with Tom Hiddleston on them looking Victorian and grumpy, team-based websites, action figures, all that jazz. But I guess that Crimson Peak is going to be a different sort of thing to Pacific Rim. Ah well, I suppose it might still be good.

The most we’ve seen officially of Del Toro’s latest, based around a tawdry courtship between Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska and a ghostly gothic manor, is a shot of the stately emblem and a look at Jessica Chastain as Hiddleston’s jealous sibling. Now we have an official shot of Hiddletson looking dapper in what appears to be the foyer of his ancestral home. Take a look, courtesy of Screen Crush:



This all looks to be a return to a familiar groove for Del Toro. The house has a lot of distinct echoes from his earlier work and looks positively magical already. Hiddleston is definitely going for a Mr Rochester style character, a handsome, older bachelor with some grim secrets of his own. Hopefully the film won’t hug that Jane Eyre plot too tightly, but with Del Toro I doubt that will be a problem.



The film is written by del Toro and Matthew Robbins and stars Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam. This project has all the potential to be a commercially viable gothic return-to-form, but with an October 16 release we’llhave a hell of a long time to wait for it.

See Oscar Isaac’s Family Values in “A Most Violent Year” Trailer

There are a lot of worse people to be these days than Oscar Isaac. Since being announced as playing the titual villain in X-men: Apocalypse, he’s described his work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens to IGN as “like living out a childhood dream”. So, not too shabby. Now we have another slice of Isaac’s acting chops with the upcoming feature A Most Violent Year, from All Is Lost director J.C. Chandor. Set during 1981, one of the most violent years in the history of New York (hence the name), Isaac plays the head of a family business that is under “ahem” investigation by the police. Rather than a straight-up cops and robbers gangster movie, this looks to grab the day-to-day drama by the throat and show the deterioration of Isaac’s relationship with wife Jessica Chastain and his children. Here’s the UK trailer, straight from Icon Films:

Considering J.C. Chandor’s Academy Award nomination last year, it could be that Oscar will be living up to his name come February. The film gets widespread release in January 2015.

have you got your eye on Isaac?