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You Asked for it: First Full Entourage Trailer

I bet you thought everyone had forgotten about it didn’t you? Well guess again, obvious closet Entourage fan! We got news a few months back that the show was returning for a movie that would unite the entire cast once again, showing off a thematically predictable but still amusing teaser. Well now we’ve got a full length trailer for you to get your head around. Whether you’re totally into it or you couldn’t be further from interested, or even if you’re sitting comfortably in the middle laughing at the people either side of you (very rude by the way), here’s the latest trailer, courtesy of the good people at Slashfilm:

Unsurprising? Sure, but it doesn’t means it won’t be good. The film brings back Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven, along with original show creator Douglas Ellin. Piven’s character is now running a studio and gives former client Vincent Chase a chance to star and direct in a modern adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It’s unclear how much of the story will be taken up by this main plot and whether the other fellas will be going on side missions  like any other episode – although it does look like they’ve tried to mention every possible plot point in the trailer. Either way, it certainly looks like a return to form. Man this fence is uncomfortable.
Are you up for Entourage?

New Teaser Trailer for “Entourage” Movie

I’ve never seen a trailer split people down the middle as quickly as the first teaser for the Entourage movie has. Warner Bros. has officially released a teaser for the HBO drama-turned-feature that has been floating on the fringes of the info-sphere for the last year or so. People have been a little anxious about talking about it too much. Why? Because there is no way of knowing how a person is going to react if you tell them that you’re looking forward to an Entourage movie. Was the tv show perfect? No. Have worst TV shows been adapted for the big screen? Most certainly. I can’t tell you if you’ll like the teaser because when it comes to Entourage, apparently you just can’t tell. So it’s all down to you. Have a look, courtesy of Youtube, if you dare!

Soooo…are we good?

All of the original cast are returning, including Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven. Grenier plays Vincent Chase, a Queens-born actor who has hit the big time and took his friends with him along for the ride. Mark Wahlberg is producing and starring, while Doug Elin directs as he did with the original series.

The film will hit theatres June 5th, 2015.

Seriously, we’re still friends right?