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Two New Posters for M Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit”

It’s not easy being M Night Shyamalan. It was really easy at one point, but then it got super difficult around about The Last Airbender. But you have to give the Sixth Sense director credit that at this turning point (turns can be good or bad right?) in his career he is willing to try new things with his movies. Sure Airbender and After Earth were on a much bigger scale than his earlier films and kind of failed miserably, but at least he learned from that and has scaled back dramatically for his latest endeavour The Visit, which we now have some creepy new posters.

Empire News is reporting on a set of US and UK posters released back to back to promote the upcoming project. Originally called Sundowning, The Visit tells the story of two young siblings and their mother visiting grandparents in a remote Pennsylvania farm, only to find that something funky is afoot. In the vein of folksy hospitality, the posters both use a combination of excessive sweetness and danger evoke that unspeakable terror of grandparents you don’t see very much. Check them out below:

90616 90617

Quite an original set of posters. The crochet artwork would seem more at home with a Wes Anderson film if it weren’t for the blood and stuff. This new approach could very well be Shyamalan’s new filmmaking partner Jason Blum┬árubbing off on him. Blum has been behind projects like The Purge and Insidious, and has serious experience with making good horror on a budget. A chance for M Night to get back to his roots maybe? The Pennsylvania location would certainly suggest so.

What do you think of the posters?