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Meet New Guardian of the Galaxy Pom Klementieff

Oldboy actor Pom Klementieff will head out into space in 2017 with the rest of the Guardians. But who exactly will she be playing?

James Gunn has a whole galaxy of characters to choose from in his upcoming sequel to the Marvel summer smash Guardians of the Galaxy. However, after mentioning he wanted to add two new faces to the Guardians roster, that’s since been dropped to one addition. So which character is going to join Starlord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax? We don’t know. But we now have a firm idea of the actor chosen to play them.

According to Screenrant.com, the news is that French Canadian actor Pom Klementieff will be joining the cast of Guardians Vol. 2. After doing on screen chemistry tests with the rest of the cast, Klementieff came out in top and will be the 6th member of the Galaxy-saving team unlikely heroes. Gunn had mentioned previously that he was keen to have two female team members for the second film, with Zoe Saldana‘s Gamora being the only woman on the team.

So who’s Pom Klementieff? You may not be familiar with a lot of her work, given that most of her projects have been French films. However, a few years ago she starred in Oldboy with Josh Brolin and got some decent panel exposure as a result. If you watched Oldboy, you’ll also know that Klementieff has a fair few martial arts scenes. Odds are that training will come in handy in the upcoming Marvel space-romp.

There’s nothing solid about which character Klementieff will be playing, there are suggestions that she could be playing a version of Moondragon, the daughter of Drax (Dave Bautista). The only support for this claim is that Vol. 2 will have a strong paternal theme, particularly for Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill/Starlord.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be out May 5th 2017, so we’ve got a fair amount of time to find out more about Klementieff’s character and any other new additions to Gunn’s Galaxy.

Watch this space for all the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie news.

“Star Trek 3” and “Guardians 2” Get Titles – It’s Titles Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday, and everyone knows that Tuesday is the day that studios reveal the official titles of their long anticipated space based projects. What? That’s not true? Ok whatever I’m just trying to tie this stuff together. In any case, we’ve got the official names of the next Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Let’s start with Trek. Justin Lin has revealed on Twitter by way of a debonair hash tag that the new project is called Star Trek Beyond. This is more or less what Simon Pegg implied a few months back but it’s good to get a little confirmation. Star Trek Beyond began production in Vancouver last week with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg returning with the test of the original crew. Pine and Quinto have also already signed on for Star Trek 4, slipping a handsome raise into the contract for good measure.

I’m a big fan of the title. I’m not a huge fan of the colon + random buzz word formula and Star Trek into Darkness was a welcome vacation from the norm. There was a hope that Star Trek Beyond would continue to experiment with the title but a lack of colons altogether is more than enough for me.

Moving right along, we’ve had a double reveal for the title of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Both Kevin Feige via Collider and James Gunn via Twitter confirmed that the title would be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. For those who didn’t see the first one, the title is a play on Chris Pratt‘s character Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Volume 1 that acted as the excellent soundtrack for the movie.

Similar to Star Trek Beyond, we have very little concrete information about the movie. We know that Quill will encounter his father and there will be more emotions flying around, while Star Trek promises more action from Pegg and some Klingons.
So now we’ve got the names down, there’s no reason they shouldn’t tell us every other bit of information. So, you know, whenever you’re ready guys.

Star Trek Beyond is set to go boldly on July 8th 2016, while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will land April 28th 2017.

Tony Goldwyn Goes Corporate For “The Belko Experiment”

When we talked about James Gunn‘s The Belko Experiment yesterday, we mentioned that when we know any more casting news, you’ll know. Well, we know.

Deadline is reporting that Tony Goldwyn of Scandal fame will be joining the horror thriller. This comes right after the news that John Gallagher Jr from The Newsroom will be starring as an employee of the Belko Company. Goldwyn himself will be playing the company’s COO, who presumably plays a role in sealing the employees in the building and informing them that they will kill each other or be killed. Goldwyn is a stellar choice, as something about him exudes morally ambiguous and he’ll comfortably fit into the role of brutally uncompromising COO… Unless he doesn’t star the experiment, in which case forget everything I just said.

A table read has already been carried out which means the cast has most likely already been confirmed.

Gunn has promised that more news will be coming tomorrow, so we’ll most likely be learning more about the employees of Belko. Maybe Ed Harris as a curmudgeonly HR manager? No you’re right, probably not.

“The Newsroom”‘s John Gallagher Jr Joins in James Gunn’s “Belko Experiment”

So, a couple of updates on James Gunn‘s upcoming passion project The Belco Experiment. First off, the name has changed to The Belko Experiment, following some fiddly legal issues. Second, a cast member has been announced.

Empire is reporting that John Gallagher Jr has been cast in the horror thriller. You may remember Gallagher from Short Term 12 or Aaron Sorkin‘s The Newsroom. He will be playing one of the main characters in the project, which sees the employees of the Belko Company get sealed inside and told that they have to kill or be killed.

There’s going to be a strong sense of character exploration in this film, with desperation bringing everyone’s true character to light. What kind of person will Gallagher be revealed to be?

Back in reality, Gunn auditioned Gallagher for a different role that  didn’t work out. But the actor stuck in Gunn’s mind and here he is in Belko. According to Gunn a table read has already been done with the cast members, so we should be getting some more cast news very soon. As soon as we know, you’ll know.

Who else would you like to see trapped in Belko?


James Gunn to Produce “The Belco Experiment”

Hey, who says that all James Gunn is good for these days is Guardian of the Galaxy related antics? The man has other skills. Did you see Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed!? That was crazy! But hey, you’re all adults probably, you don’t want to be reliant on poorly crafted CG I Great Danes to get your Gunn jollies. So you’ll be happy to know that in the interim before the Guardians sequel, Screenrant reports that Gunn will be bringing to life a project he has been hoping to get in the works for a while now – The Belco Experiment. Here’s Gunn himself, explaining the project on his Facebook page:

“The American Belco company in South America [is] mysteriously sealed off at the beginning of a work day, and its employees are ordered to kill each other or be killed themselves. This starts an escalation of violence, where we discover the true nature of each and every Belco employee.”

Is it me or does that sound like what Peter Jackson would be doing right now if he didn’t get the Lord of the Rings gig? Gunn will be producing on this project and hanfing the director gig over to Wolf Creek helmsman Greg McLean. With the combination of the two, along with the shallow gist we have of the plot, I think we can expect a solid dose of violence and humour in equal measure from this project. On getting the project made, here’s what else Gunn had to say:

“I cannot tell you how passionate and excited I am about this project! It’s a script I wrote a few years ago, for which I have always had a deep love. Believe it or not, it’s a film that first came to me in a dream, and I woke up and wrote the first draft in a two-week fugue state binge.”

Sounds like Gunn has high hopes for this project, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he pulls it off. Well just have to see if the violence and comedy can compliment each other and not leave the whole thing in a muddle.

Will you be participating in The Belco Experiment?