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Dwayne Johnson takes a dramatic turn in “San Andreas” Trailer

A couple of days ago we saw a few photos from the set of Dwayne Johnson’s latest action film San Andreas. The photos were pretty unsurprising and showed little promise of a film that broke from the pack. But now we have a teaser trailer to sink our teeth into and therein lies a surprise too. Not in plot as much as tone. For an action film, especially a Dwayne Johnson action film, especially a Dwayne Johnson action film directed by Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), the teaser shies away from in your face action shots and instead opts for atmosphere. Take a look at the trailer, straight from Warner Bros:

As disaster films go, the trailer is pretty quiet, with a sombre “California Dreaming” cover floating around in the background. As refreshing as this is, it doesn’t guarantee that the film will follow suit. We still see wide-shots of unbelievable feats of destruction and Johnson seemingly commanding streets-worth of people to “get down!”. But if the film is in-keeping with the trailer, maybe we’ll get to see a new level of performance from Mr Johnson. San Andreas is in theatres May 29, 2015, and also stars also stars Carla Gugino , Alexandra Daddario , Ioan Gruffudd , Archie Panjabi , Hugo Johnstone-Burt , Art Parkinson and Paul Giamatti.

So, did the trailer shake you to your core?