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Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” Gets a Familiar Supportive Cast

It’s no secret that Quentin Tarantino likes to re-use a lot of the actors he’s used in previous films of his career. And why not? He’s gotten some pretty fantastic performances out of them in the past, so I can’t see why he wouldn’t want. Not only that, I’m sure the same actors would be just as excited to come back and work with the director again. Well along with a main cast of regulars and irregulars and irregulars, Screenrant has reported that a supporting cast list has also been released – and it has a similar high-school reunion feel to it.

There’s no word on who the supporting actors will be playing in the western that will see bounty hunters Kurt Russel and Samuel L Jackson run into each-other on a wintry Wyoming road, only to set a dangerous rolling stone set in motion. But the majority of them are old Tarantino favourites nonetheless. Here’s the list of actors and the previous QT films they’ve can be seen in:

Zoë Bell (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2)
James Parks (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2)
Dana Gourrier (Django Unchained)
Keith Jefferson (Django Unchained)
Lee Horsley (Django Unchained)
Craig Stark (Django Unchained)
Belinda Owino (Django Unchained)
Gene Jones

Seeing Double Zoe Bell and Uma Thurman: on the set of "Kill Bill, Vol. 1".
Seeing Double Zoe Bell and Uma Thurman: on the set of “Kill Bill, Vol. 1”.

In case the name Zoë Bell  isn’t brining a face to mind, it’s because Bell is a stunt-actor who worked as Uma Thurman’s double on the Kill Bill double. Final name Gene Jones doesn’t have a Tarantino flick to his name but he has starred in No Country for Old Men and Oz the Great and Powerful.

As supporting casts go it’s dependable and rock-solid, so hopefully we’ll see an awesome performance from all of them. Lord knows they’ve got enough experience between them.

What think you of the supporting cast for Hateful Eight? Any other familiar Tarantino names you would have liked to see?