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7 WTF Moments From the “Batman v Superman” Trailer

Yesterday the curtain was pulled all the way back at San Diego Comic Con with the grand unveiling of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feature length trailer. Last night, the number of views on a particular version of this trailer on an unnamed video site was 341. This morning it was up to over 7 million. No one is surprised by this. If you haven’t seen the trailer, for the love of Pete watch it now before some movie site ruins it by breaking down the best bits and speculate about them. As for the rest of you, let’s break down the best bits and speculate about them shall we?

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Batman vs Superman SDCC Trailer – You’re Welcome Forever

Remember how excited everyone got when we heard the first teaser for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer came out? Remember how you nearly had to throw your undies immediately in the bin next to your desk when you saw the trailer leaked online in Spanish? And then you got to see the real thing the very next day! Remember all that? Well you’re about to flush out of your memory because the full length trailer for Dawn of Justice is here, and it will blow the roof off your soul, folks!

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“Batman v Superman” Will Get the Kryptonite Treatment!

If there’s a binary of the Incredible Hulk in the DC Universe, it is without a doubt the badass element kryptonite. Why? Because it’s green, it doesn’t say much and it makes some of the strongest heroes look like jittery wimps of the highest calibre. What? Solomon Grundy? No, shut up, it’s kryptonite. Anyway, when will we get a chance to see the DC Hulk in action? A lot sooner than you think, if the reporters that be are to be believed. Continue reading “Batman v Superman” Will Get the Kryptonite Treatment!

Michelle MacLaren and WB Split Over “Wonder Woman” Creative Differences

It’s more of an old joke than an in-joke these days that DC has followed Marvel’s template when it comes to constructing a cinematic universe. From teamups to superteam origins, from pacing to publicity, there are a lot of similarities. But now it looks as though DC has taken it too far. Copying the Edgar Wright Marvel split that seems so long ago, Slashfilm is reporting that DC and WB have had a creative split with Wonder Women director Michelle MacLaren. Honestly DC, get your own hobby!

I’m kidding of course, it’s no joke really. MacLaren was undoubtedly a huge get for the studio. A big name in blockbuster TV drama, MacLaren has made her name working in the likes of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. But it looks as though director and studio once again found themselves separated by irreconcilable differences. The statement from WB is unsurprisingly nondescript, but we’ll include it anyway:

“Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct Wonder Woman together”

In a way this was an inevitable result that nobody wanted to admit. MacLaren has made her name with groundbreaking genre work, so there was no way that she wouldn’t make a huge impression on the direction of the story. This is especially true since her contract did not stipulate that she not be involved with story development. Like Wright before her, MacLaren undoubtedly had a unique vision for the character and the film style that wasn’t as up for debate as WB and DC would like. Either that, or it was the other way round and it was the studio that wouldn’t bend. Either way, these kind of differences don’t go away in a filmmaking process, and if they do they don’t go away quietly.

There have  been some suggestions that the planned 1920s setting for the film was causing some contention, although it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get a straight answer about what caused the bad blood.
So now WB need to find themselves a new director if they want to stay on track with their universe wide to-do list. It’s unclear as yet whether former potential female directors like Kathryn Bigelow are still in the running for the gig, but considering the rumours that the gig is considered a poisoned chalice of sorts for any female director who might consider it. I mean, so far they’re kind of right.

Other than the crippling loss of a director, casting is still on track and there are no suggestions that the film will be delayed in any way. The question becomes, who’s going to fill MacLaren’s shoes?

Batman V Superman: That’s a wrap!

March 25, 2016: The date that DC and Warner Bros. says is going to blow my mind! Judging from the set photos, the plot rumours and the umpteen films that are going to follow Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I think they might be right.

It may seem like a long long way away, and that’s because it is. But we have good news in the interim because production has officially wrapped on the film. The film’s cinematographer, Larry Fong, was sweet enough to let everyone know by posting on his Instagram. have a look at the image, it’s as intriguing as it is sort of baffling.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman...what are they all staring at?
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman…what are they all staring at?

Dawn of Justice is going to see Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck lock horns as the two greatest superheroes of the DC universe, provided you don’t ask Green lantern: he’s still a bit surly since his movie flopped and his reboot’s not for a few years…hopefully he sobers up by then. Sorry, went off on a tangent there. This will be the first time we see the two on screen together. The closest we’vecome on the big screen was in Batman & Robin with Goerge Clooney’s off the cuff remark “This is why superman works alone”. Cute, right?

Now that production is done we can hopefully expect a trailer or at least a teaser to dropping early next year, or maybe earlier depending on what other movie release it’s attached to (there’s a rumour circling The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies so keep your eyes peeled).

This movie’s going to be the ground floor of a very tall building, so it’s gonna be a real thrill to see some more tidbits emerge from this project.

Who do you think’s gonna win?