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Hold on to your Dollar Bills, it’s the “Magic Mike XXL” Trailer!

The system works! It really works!

Hollywood has heeded the call of the public and now we have proof. Slashfilm reports that Magic Mike XXL, sequel to the stupendously successful Magic Mike, has a trailer. Well, technically it’s just a teaser trailer, but who cares, right? Say what you will about the first film, it was a breath of fresh air and served as a considerable kick up the ass for Channing Tatum, who you’ll be happy to know has returned for the sequel. Check it out, courtesy of Warner Bros.:

Well it certainly looks like this film will live up to its name. The film will see Channing and his team of hip-swivellin’ pelvis-thrustin’ male strippers heading from Tampa to Myrtle Beach for stripping convention…you see normally I would make fun of a plot point like that, but there’s something about this franchise is damn-near infectious. Matthew McConaughey sadly will not be in the sequel, but I’m not sure anyone was expecting the Oscar-winner to be taking his shirt off again anytime soon. Although it would have been fun to see him hit the stage again…do strippers work on stages? Whatever.

Changing hands from Steven Soderbergh to new director Gregory Jacobs, the film also stars Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam RodriguezGabriel Iglesias, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks and Andie MacD- Andie MacDowell’s in this? Weird.

Are you oiling up for Magic Mike XXL?