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Fantastic 4 Review: “As Soon as it Gets Exciting, it’s Over”

After reading the reviews, and the low ratings, I almost didn’t want to see the new Fantastic 4. But I decided to have a go, mainly because I was pleasantly surprised watching films like The Lone Ranger and John Carter that received equally savage critical beat-downs. Sometimes, of course, the critics do have a point. Continue reading Fantastic 4 Review: “As Soon as it Gets Exciting, it’s Over”

Josh Trank Shares “F4” Tonal Origins and Disappointing Stills

So I never even asked, what did you all think of the Fantastic Four reboot trailer? I didn’t think it was possible for a project mired in so much mystery to polarise audiences even more when it finally released its cheeky two minutes. However, given the direction that director Josh Trank is taking with the comic reboot, that was always going to be the case.

Speaking of Trank’s direction with the film, the director has been poking pin holes in our ballooning curiosity once again. Screenrant reports that Trank has been discussing his reasons for taking the Fantastic family in a more grounded direction. In an interview with Empire, the Chronicle director explained that he was following in the footsteps of Amblin – Steven Spielberg‘s production company. Here’s what he had to say:
“There’s the opportunity to make something that is challenging and tragic and dramatic. The opportunity is right there in the material. We’d rather steer it in that direction as opposed to just embracing a tone that comes right off the page.”

So on loyalty to the canon it’s a hard pass from Trank, but we had a feeling that was the case anyway. Trank goes on to say that his imagining of the film is a “dark Amblin movie.” Writer and producer Simon Kinberg added “There was an Amblin-style approach to the characterization, and to contextualizing everything in a real world.”
So can we expect a Fantastic Four that’s less like it’s Marvel studio predecessors and more like the first cut of Back to the Future without all the jokes? Maybe. It’s more likely that this will be a farewell to silliness that to an extent killed the last Fantastic Four films – which can only be described as logical and hopefully the right choice. This might also be a good indication of the kind of tonal venture DC will be embarking on if they stay in the vein of Man of Steel, which could very well be the case for some of the upcoming adaptations.

In addition to dishin’ on the film’s creative direction, we also got some stills from the film. Are they stills that show the team in action, maybe with a shady closeup of the Thing? Of course not, don’t be silly. The stills are pretty tame as it goes, but they give a good idea of the costume choices for the film, without revealing the more classic costumes which will allegedly appear later in the film. Then there’s Jamie Bell’s picture of him tending to his bike…a classic Thing move!

Anyway, here are the pictures, courtesy of Screenrant:

Miles-Teller-as-Reed-Richards-in-Fantastic-Four Kate-Mara-as-Sue-Storm-in-Fantastic-Four Michael-B.-Jordan-as-Johnny-Storm-in-Fantastic-Four Jamie-Bell-as-Ben-Grimm-in-Fantastic-Four

Hey, it’s not exactly Hulk vs Hulk-buster, but at least it shows Trank is thinking about us. Hopefully we’ll have juicier images closer to the debut, so keep your eyes peeled!

One For the Diary: “Fantastic Four” Reboot Teaser Will Debut February 13th With “Kingsman”

Hey, what are you up to on the 13th February? I’ll tell you what you’re up to! What I can’t tell you is whether or not it’s something you’ll enjoy or get excited about. But that just makes it all the more intriguing doesn’t it?

Mid-way through next month we will be getting our first look at the reboot of Marvel’s first family, Fantastic 4. This will be the first slither of marketing that we’ve seen for the 20th Century Fox project that finished production 6 months ago, so it’s long overdue and there’s a lot of pressure for fans to see something mind-blowing. here’s what writer and producer Simon Kinberg had to say in an interview with Screenrant:

“To confirm – Fantastic Four will be doing 3-4 days of additional photography with director Josh Trank and some key cast members. We are very excited about the film and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to. And you will be able to do that very soon as I can confirm here that the teaser will be on Kingsman in theaters February 13.”

Director Josh Trank has been accused of turning “Fantastic 4” into a spiritual sequel to his last hit “Chronicle”.


That could be a tall order for the project, considering the number of setbacks and rumours that have been circling and grossly outweighing any positive press. Reports on issues with the cast, the writing, the plot, the relationship with the studio, the relationship with Marvel and director Josh Trank‘s alleged machinations to turn Fantastic 4 into a follow-up to his previous hit Chronicle all add up to a film that is in big trouble. this trouble could be happening now or it could happen down the line. Or it could be awesome and the trouble could never come up. Considering that a sequel has already been announced, let’s hope it’s the last option.

On the other hand, all of this disarray and negativity hasn’t changed the fact that people are desperate to see this teaser. In fact, considering that the problems with the project have led to a media blackout, this will be a very exciting trailer if only for the fact that we have absolutely nothing to go on – apart from what the actors look like.

The 4 in the flesh: Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara and J.amie Bell
The 4 in the flesh: Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara and J.amie Bell


So whether it’s good or bad, it’s mysterious, and that’s a hard commodity to come by in Hollywood.

Will you be watching Kingsman and the Fantastic 4 teaser this February?