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Salma Hayek Brings the Pain in New “Everly” Trailer

It’s safe to say that we’ve had a decent amount of momentum recently when it comes to straight-action films. And I’m not talking about The Expendables and the high school reunion of all the eighties greats. I’m talkin’ John Wick, I’m talkin’ Kingsman, and now I’m hopefully talking Everly. The gun-blazing ass-kicking mantle has been handed down to Salma Hayek. She plays the titular Everly, an escort-turned police informant who has the full wrath of her former gangster boss bearing down on her and her family. Of course, it would be rude if she didn’t respond in kind. So here’s the trailer to peruse at your leisure, courtesy of the video elves at Youtube:

Like John Wick and Kingsman, Everly looks to have the fortitude of a classic action flick with a fresh pair of eyes. What also makes this an exciting project is the inclusion of Hayek, who could make a very decent living working inside her comfort zone. But she’s taking a long stride out of the box and becoming her very own Desperado.

The film is directed by Joe Lynch and also stars Hiroyuki Watanabe as Hayek’s former employer. Keep an eye out for this one later in 2015.

Would you cross Everly?