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Magnificent Seven Trailer: “Justice has a Number”

It’s weird when you realise that all that was missing from Chris Pratt’s already blossoming career was a stetson and a horse. See for yourself in the Magnificent Seven trailer. Read more after the jump.

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Trailer for Ethan Hawke’s Pianist Doc “Seymour: An Introduction”

Considering all the time that Ethan Hawke has spent working with acclaimed director Richard Linklater, you would think and hope that the Boyhood actor would have picked up a half-decent directing trick or two. Well, turns out you’d be right, because Hawke has turned his hand behind the camera once again and come out of it with a documentary – and a rather charming documentary at that.

The project is Seymour: An Introduction, a journey into the life and work of legendary piano player Seymour Bernstein. While you may think this is you common or garden story of a tortured musician who burned too bright, you’d be wrong. Damn wrong! Seymour: An Introduction explores Bernstein’s decision to give up a prosperous career as a concert pianist to teach others. The result is heart-warming and thoroughly touching. Have a look at the trailer, courtesy of IFC Films:

If you’re a fan of Linklater’s work, you will certainly see a similar stroke in Hawke’s directorial brush. The actor appears in the film alongside the subject, discussing with him the understanding of the true values of life and music that can only come from experiencing both to the full.  catch this film’s release on March 13th, 2015.

Does Seymour hit all the right notes for you?

Trailer for Shakespearean adaptation “Anarchy” Drops Original Play’s Title

Here’s the problem with adapting a Shakespearean drama. You can bring in all the great actors you want, put it in the modern day, add as many wild and entertaining elements to get around the plot points, but at the end of the day if the audience isn’t interested in the actual story, then you’ve got a problem. With all the adaptations we’ve seen of the bard’s work, it’s a 50/50 toss-up as to whether or not it works out. The latest is a new take on Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, set in a Sons of Anarchy style American town filled with biker gangs and fire fights. Except it’s not called Cymbeline anymore – it’s called Anarchy. Why does that sound familiar?

It’s debatable whether or not the use of a lesser known Shakespearean play will work in the project’s favour, but considering that they’re already trying to move as far away from the source material as possible, this film’s definitely got a hard climb ahead.

Having said that, we now have a trailer from EW and it’s certainly got the grit, violence and Ed Harris-ness working in its favour…even if he is wearing a bizarre 70’s leather jacket. Have a look:

Anarchy stars Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Anton Yelchin, John Leguizamo and Dakota Johnson. Director Michael Almereyda already has Hamlet under his belt so hopefully his treatment of the subject matter will pay off. Limited release will be on March 13th.

Will you be “fans of Anarchy”?