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Trailer Trash: It’s Hard to Have Faith in New “Little Boy” Trailer

It’s been a while since we had a World War II-era feature that really popped. Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken premièred earlier this month and was on the right track, but ultimately failed to develop the momentum that was clearly expected of it. Now we have a follow-up with another heart-warming but placid attempt with super-Christian family film Little Boy.  Nowhere near in the league of Unbroken, this meek little tale follows a boy who wants to bring his father back from the war, and discovers his faith has the power to do a lot more. Have a look and see what you think, courtesy of Open Road Films:

There’s something about Kevin James playing a kindly wise sage that to me is equally charming and foreboding. For a film that has a concrete cast, there’s very little to say about the film itself. No doubt families will be willing to sit through the bulk to get to the tear-jerking ending, but it’s hard to see any real draw for kids here. The film stars Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Michael RapaportKevin James and Jakob Salvati, and is directed by Alejandro Monteverde. Considering that the last two films released by Open Road were Nightcrawler and Rosewater, this has the potential to be a slight fall from grace for the studio. But who knows? Kevin James could save the whole thing. Stranger things have happened.

Are you rooting for Little Boy?