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Power Rangers hires Bill Hader as Alpha 5

Aye-yi-yi! Comedy voice-legend Bill Hader is on board to play Alpha 5 in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. Read more after the jump.

The Power Rangers marketing machine is in fully swing. Things got off to a rocky start when Elizabeth Banks‘ Rita Repulsa was revealed. Fans of the original tv series weren’t too crazy about the reptilian new look. Fortunately the snazzy new posters featuring the rangers and their Zords made people forget about it. Slowly but surely the cast is revealed as well. Bryan Cranston was revealed along with Banks to be starring as holy-head-in-a-tube Zordon. The positive response to Zordon and the sheepish response to Bank’s Repulsa proves one thing. Power Rangers fans want things the way they were, but better! But still, you know, the way they were. Now they’re closer to getting it than ever. News just dropped that Alpha 5 will be making an appearance voiced by an actor who’s all too familiar with sci-fi franchises.

Screenrant is reporting that unstoppable funny-man Bill Hader will be stepping into the role of Alpha 5.

If you’re not familiar with the original show, or you’re a little foggy on the nineties, here’s a breakdown. Alpha 5 was a robot that assisted the Rangers on their zany adventures. He mainly assisted by hanging out with Zordon, waving his arms around and screaming “Aye-yi-yi”. He also panicked a lot, hence the aye-yi-yi-ing. Despite being pretty unhelpful he was a freaking hoot and a fond favourite of power rangers fans. The news that he’s even featuring in the film is a plus. Throw in a comedy heavyweight like Hader and things are looking way up for Power Rangers.

Hader has been showing up all over the place recently in voice roles. In 2015 he stole the show as BB-8 in Star Wars The Force Awakens, not to mention playing Fear in Inside Out. In 2016 alone he did voice work in 4 movies: Bloodbottler in The BFG, Stan in Finding Dory, Leonard in Angry Birds and a whole mess of characters in Sausage Party. Hader played a big part in making those films great despite them not all being smash hits (sorry BFG, not sorry Angry Birds). If he can nail Alpha 5 he could have another voice-acting home-run for 2017.

There’s definitely a strong smell of comedy coming from the Power Rangers camp. The latest set of Zord posters show they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Adding Hader to the mix is a clear sign that you want to up the funny. Hopefully the script will give him enough room to strut his stuff.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24th, 217. Watch this space for all the latest Power Rangers movie news.

Elizabeth Banks to play Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers

The star and director of Pitch Perfect has been confirmed for the cast of the upcoming Power Rangers movie as Rita Repulsa.

Power Rangers is one of those peculiar 90’s franchises were you’re not totally sure if they’re good or not. I mean, you know it’s not good, but you daren’t say it out loud say for fear of a twenty-something slapping you across the mouth. So it’s hard to gauge whether or not a movie adaptation is something we really want to be shouting about. But now we’ve got some casting and character news, and things aren’t looking quite so worrying. Not only do we know that the rangers will be taking on old villain favourite Rita Repulsa, but we also know that Elizabeth Banks will be taking on the role. Continue reading Elizabeth Banks to play Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers

Pitch puns, pitch puns everywhere! New “Pitch Perfect 2” Trailer

Hey, remember when it used to be weird if you were a fan of Pitch Perfect? Man, what a backwards, nonsensical time that was. These days I’m glad to be able to report on the all-singin’, fist-swingin’ musical comedy without a hint of sarcasm or dry snootiness. Seriously, I’m glad. The first film was a knockout and from the looks of it the sequel should at worst follow suit and at best be a great film in its own right. Do I mean great as in Citizen Kane great? No, of course not, but there’s lots of different kinds of great…great white sharks is another example.

Anyway, back on topic we’ve already had a look at what to expect from Pitch Perfect 2 with a theatrical trailer, but now we have a all new trailer to have a look at. Expect global leaders, going commando and something else beginning with G. Girls I guess? Yeah, lets go with girls. Courtesy of Universal UK:

So pretty standard as second trailers go: a little more exposition, a smidge more over-arching storyline, and a solid look at the villain. Lets just hope that the same goes for the next Star Wars Episode VII trailer. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin and helms-woman Elizabeth Banks are all back in their Pitch Perfect roles. Expect this one on May 15th for a US release.

Are you pitchin’ hard or hardly pitchin’?

Hold on to your Dollar Bills, it’s the “Magic Mike XXL” Trailer!

The system works! It really works!

Hollywood has heeded the call of the public and now we have proof. Slashfilm reports that Magic Mike XXL, sequel to the stupendously successful Magic Mike, has a trailer. Well, technically it’s just a teaser trailer, but who cares, right? Say what you will about the first film, it was a breath of fresh air and served as a considerable kick up the ass for Channing Tatum, who you’ll be happy to know has returned for the sequel. Check it out, courtesy of Warner Bros.:

Well it certainly looks like this film will live up to its name. The film will see Channing and his team of hip-swivellin’ pelvis-thrustin’ male strippers heading from Tampa to Myrtle Beach for stripping convention…you see normally I would make fun of a plot point like that, but there’s something about this franchise is damn-near infectious. Matthew McConaughey sadly will not be in the sequel, but I’m not sure anyone was expecting the Oscar-winner to be taking his shirt off again anytime soon. Although it would have been fun to see him hit the stage again…do strippers work on stages? Whatever.

Changing hands from Steven Soderbergh to new director Gregory Jacobs, the film also stars Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam RodriguezGabriel Iglesias, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks and Andie MacD- Andie MacDowell’s in this? Weird.

Are you oiling up for Magic Mike XXL?