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Disney Plans a “Mary Poppins” Sequel

Everyone’s favourite nanny (probably) is set to return and reunite with the Banks family in a new Poppins feature.

It’s been clear for a while that Disney is taking a break from animation to expand its love action catalogue. How are they expanding it? By rebooting their animated classics of course. Cinderella has already made mild but consistent waves, while Tim Burton lumbers up for his take on the story of Dumbo. The Disney Expo also saw a sneak peak of the upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake. So what’s left? How about Mary Poppins?

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Watch Out Childhood! Winnie The Pooh has been Greenlit for Live Action

You wouldn’t have to spend your days sniffing around the front gate to realise that something otherworldly is going on at the adorably corporate studio. By otherworldly, I mean live action. The live action Cinderella is making some quiet waves that could kick up at any minute, Dumbo is already being taken on by Tim Burton for adaptation, and let’s not forget Overnight at 42nd Street. Now we have a new household Disney name joining the break for 3 dimensions – Winnie the Pooh. For the record, I have been sniffing around their front gate, and they do not like it in the slightest. Nothing says “keep out” like a seven foot Chip and Dale with matching riot gear.

Deadline is reporting that Disney is bringing in indie writer-director Alex Ross Perry to take a swing at bringing the yellow bear with the red shirt and (for no reason) no pants to life. Perry is a popular name at Sundance following his success with Listen Up Phillip. This is an intriguing choice for director, very much in the vein of Jared Hess being taken on for Overnight at 42nd Street and David Lowery for a remake of Pete’s Dragon. It looks as though Disney are stocking up on considerable directing talent as opposed to hired guns. Are they really taking that big of a turn with their movies? Who’s leading this particular shake-up?

In any case, we will be seeing Winnie and presumably the rest of the Hundred-acre Wood gang in the not too distant future. Will you be having a gander?