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Disney Plans a “Mary Poppins” Sequel

Everyone’s favourite nanny (probably) is set to return and reunite with the Banks family in a new Poppins feature.

It’s been clear for a while that Disney is taking a break from animation to expand its love action catalogue. How are they expanding it? By rebooting their animated classics of course. Cinderella has already made mild but consistent waves, while Tim Burton lumbers up for his take on the story of Dumbo. The Disney Expo also saw a sneak peak of the upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake. So what’s left? How about Mary Poppins?

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Original “John Carter” Pitch Reel Harks Back to the Blockbuster that Might have Been

Who here likes John Carter? Come on keep your hands up so I can see them. This would be a misleading social experiment in any room for two reasons. One, strangers don’t like it when you ask them to raise their hands. Two, the people who don’t raise their hands just flat out did not see the movie. So what we end up with is a small percentage of fans of the original books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the more curious or sci-fi centric movie-goers, against the insurmountable waves of people who have no idea what John Carter is. To those people, I say “let’s have a look at what might have been”. Continue reading Original “John Carter” Pitch Reel Harks Back to the Blockbuster that Might have Been

Disney Moves Up “Ghost in the Shell” To Dodge Easter Weekend

We’ve been talking a big game about anime recently, and we apologise if that’s not really your thing. It’s only because there’s a set of anime adaptations coming out over the next few years, hopefully with a few more to join in the interim. Aside from Death Note, which has just gotten a new lease of life with The Guest director Adam Wingard taking the wheel, we’ve also got Ghost in a Shell coming out of Disney. Now we here that the film’s being moved up in the calendar.

Deadline is reporting that Ghost in the Shell will be moving from Easter weekend — April 14, 2017 — to March 31, 2017. This may be because Disney wants to avoid the competition of an Easter weekend ticket fight, and instead let the film sell in it’s own merit. In any case, it’s a quicker release which is always an ambiguous thing. The film will now go up against the new Smurfs movie coming out of Sony, which is clearly an entirely different demographic.

In case you haven’t heard, Ghost in the Shell tells the story of covert operatives tackling cyber crime in Japan. Doesn’t sound like your thing? Ok sure, Blackhat wasn’t great, but what if I told you the original manga already has an anime series and three animated film under its built? The series is hugely popular, and not just in Japan: Ghost has a very strong following in the West as well.

Rupert Sanders will be directing Scarlett Johansson in the starring role. Johansson took over the role from Margot Robbie, who left to star in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

So at least we won’t have to wait until Easter weekend to see if Ghost lives up to it’s predecessors success.

Are you a Ghost in a Shell fan?

“Napoleon Dynamite” Director Heads to Disney for “Overnight”

Hey, remember Overnight at 42nd Street? That film they’re going to make about a father and son who stay overnight at a toy store and encounter a gang of thieves? Maybe you don’t, but in any case that was solid bit of exposition from yours truly. The project has been living on Disney’s couch for a while now with very little movement, until now. From the looks of Empire, it seems that director Jared Hess is now set to direct the project.

Hess has made his mark with independent comedies like Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre and Gentleman Broncos, all co-written and directed with his wife Jerusha. Hess’ latest comedy Don Verdean just premiered at Sundance, with Lionsgate picking it up. The fact that he’s now tied in with a big studio like Disney will certainly be a change of pace for the director, especially since the script has already been penned by 22 jump Street co-writer Oren Uziel. It’s not clear whether Hess will have freedom to inject his own unique brand of comedy into the mix, but the chances are slim.

The project has gone through a few potential directors, with Ruben Fleischer being considered for the job when the project was still at Sony, as well as Steve Pink when it first came to Disney.

There is no official cast as yet, with the role of the father being offered to Will Ferrell with no hint of interest.

How will a director so accustomed to independence fare with a studio like Disney? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Seriously, did I just end this post with “wait and see”!?

Crap I did it again. Nachos.

That’s better.

The Craft Behind the Cuteness: Featurette on Making of Disney Short “Feast”

Everyone knows that when a new Disney film comes out, there’s always a little something to get excited about! The recent run of shorts that accompany big feature animations these last few years have been nearly as successful and lovable as their feature-length big brothers. The most recent Disney venture Big Hero 6, a stupendous marvel adaptation of nerds-turned-superheroes, comes with its own short called FeastFeast is the story of Winston the Boston Terrier and his relationship with his owner over the years and through the meals. If you’ve watched it, you’ll know how charming the story is, and if you haven’t…I mean, you’ve just gotta. In case you won’t be able to see it any time soon, Variety has something to wet your whistle: a making-of featurette that takes you through the entire process of animation from original sketches and storyboards through to the final glimmering touches. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re an animation aficionado or you just like cartoon dogs. I would be the latter.

It’s always nice to peek under the curtain of a big movie-making machine like Disney and see the people who actually make the magic happen. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of these featurettes when we get some more Disney movies under our belts.

Concept Art For An Alternate Reality “Toy Story 3”? Well, Sort Of…

When you hear about that brief period from 2005 to 2006 when Disney and Pixar were getting ready to part ways on less-than-kind terms, its like that month your parents weren’t living together when you were a kid that you’d half-forgotten. But unlike your parents’ brief separation, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes at Disney than new facial hair and a few dates with a younger woman. Believe it or not, Disney Animation was looking to cash in on projects certain Disney/Pixar franchises by producing quick straight-to-dvd sequels. Believe it even more or not, one of these franchises was Toy Story. Toy Story was already 6 years in the past so Disney set their sights on their own quick version of Toy Story 3. Hang on! An alternative Toy Story 3 where I maybe don’t cry my eyes out and hug the cinema seat of the woman in front of me?

Perhaps. The plot was a little less close to home – unless of course you live in East Asia. That’s right, the plan was to follow the gang of living toys as Buzz Lightyear begins to malfunction and is sent by his friends back to the factory that made him for repairs – in Taiwan. The gang learns of a massive recall of Buzz Lightyear toys and sets off for Taiwan to rescue Buzz.

You may not believe it, you may not want to believe it; you may be hugging your Lots-o-huggin Bear to your chest and swearing it isn’t so. Well it is, and now we have the concept art to prove it. Here’s a few choice pieces, courtesy of alternative screenplay writers  Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir along with some sketches of other recalled toys Buzz would meet on his holiday abroad from Jim Hill Media. Check them out, courtesy of Slashfilm:

toy6 toy9 toy8 toy7 toy5 toy3 toy2 toy1


toya toyb toyc toyd toye toyf


How do you think the alternative Toy Story 3 would have worked out?

Disney’s putting together a “robin hood” adaptation

Ever since Russell Crowe played Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s take on the prince of thieves, I’ve been eager to see who was going to take the property on next and what new angle they would take on the hero of Nottingham Forest.

Well, it turns out Disney is going to take a crack at it.  Deadline reports that Disney is looking at a spec script called Nottingham & Hood from writing noob Brandon BarkerThe script must have been pretty decent since they are now taking it on and developing their own adaptation.

This will be Disney’s second time round with Robin Hood, after their animated animal-cast classic in 1973 starring Phil Harris and Brian Bedford.

But this isn’t just about Disney, oh no. Because they are going head to head with Sony, who are planning their own Robin Hood. And judging from their plans, Sony look to be making a grander display, fitting Robin and his band of merry men into a larger multiverse. Didn’t you hear? Multiverse’s are all the rage. Whether or not this plan will work out as the project solidifies is anyone’s guess at this point, but it will be pretty cool to see these two studios hash it out. This is the second potential head-to-head between the the studios, with both looking at their own Jungle Book adaptations as well.

Do you think both studios will go the distance? How do you want Robin Hood to look in his next big screen debut?